Somewhere in the archives, TexasMommy wrote about the upsides of the third trimester of pregnancy. I am at 33 weeks now, so I want to share my thoughts on the subject. Be prepared, they will get whinier as the weeks progress:1) I am now so visibly pregnant that many strangers comment. I am really glad to be pregnant and excited to meet my baby, so I am finding that it is actually fun to talk to strangers about when he is due, etc. However, when they ask if this is my first, I am tempted to … [Read more...]

One down, Three to Go!

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Comments Are Open

I have changed the format of our comments to a pop-up window because for some reason blogger was not allowing comments on our blog. If you want to continue discussion on the election, please feel free, the comments are now working. Sorry for the inconvenience... … [Read more...]

New Comment Policy

First, I want to thank everyone who has been participating in the comments to Kat's post below. For the future, we are asking that no "anonymous" comments be placed on our blog. The Internet can be an anonymous place, and we respect your right to, and desire for, anonymity. However, it is really tough to follow and respond to a conversation when we do not know who is posting what, following up on what, etc. So, please give yourself a moniker of some sort.I also think that using names, even … [Read more...]

The Finer Things

I am so glad that I am married to a man who is in touch with his sensitive side. While some men are merely sports obsessed, he has been spending his train rides composing poetry. You can read it here. … [Read more...]

Easy as Pie

So, if we are doing all this training, we have to fuel up somehow. Red and I took our children apple picking on Tuesday, and I came home with a huge sack of wonderful apples. Here is my quick and easy version of pie -- this one is for speed, not looks, and the kids have been having it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!Crust:2 Sticks cold butter2.5 cups flour.25 cups sugar.25 cups cold water as neededCut the butter into chunks, then mix butter, flour and sugar in food processor, pulsing. When … [Read more...]

It’s the Playoffs

So, this is just to confess that my kids stayed up until 9 o'clock at night, eating tacos, in their pajamas, in front of the TV. The thing is, though, you are only 7 once, and when your team hits a grand slam it is just not the same to watch it on the highlights reel. Go Phillies! … [Read more...]


Anyone know of a good source for Maternity formal wear? I have a black tie wedding to go to and I will be about 8 months pregnant.Thanks! … [Read more...]

What is Really Going On, and does it matter?

I have been trying to follow the financial news, but I have been rather confused by the impact of it all outside of the banking sphere (which is relevant, in some ways, to my day to day life, as my husband works in New York and has banks as his clients).I wish that the media would do more to educate us. I don't think that the campaigns should be suspended, but I sort of wish that the 24 hour news coverage of the campaigns would be. I also wish that TV news was not so entertainment and ratings … [Read more...]

Untimely Demise

So, I would be posting delicious pictures of John and Mary's fourth birthday party, but this morning Mary accidently knocked my camera off the kitchen counter in her birthday excitment and the lense broke right in half. This beloved old camera was my college graduation present and feels like a significant player in my life and marriage, so I am sad to see it go.Anyone have a camera they really recommend? I am all digital, all automatic, but I want really good pictures and resolution that I can … [Read more...]