Commenting Troubles?

Are any of our readers having trouble leaving a comment on the blog this week?  PLEASE contact me at if you are unable to comment on this blog.  We need to let our smart tech people at Patheos know if our readers cannot comment.Last week, Patheos updated their system for site comments.  We switched to Disqus, and some of the Builders have been having trouble leaving comments and getting into their accounts.  I apologize if this was also problematic for our rea … [Read more...]

Roughhousing with Your Kids

Besides the mustache, this is a great video talking about the benefits of roughhousing with your kids.  Macho parents of the world unite and go body slam a toddler.And while you are at it, check out the website for The Art of Manliness.  h/t to Fr. Dave for the link … [Read more...]

Picture Me Imperfectly

So, a good friend of some of the builders blogs over at Capturing Motherhood.  She hosts a Picture Me Imperfectly meme, where she writes about and takes photos of the many things in her life that are imperfect.I am joining her here ~Claire is 3.5 and loves to get herself dressed.  I allow her to leave the house in these clothes because ~ (1) I am busy and (2) it makes me laugh.  She loves to be barefoot and even showed up to a baseball game the other day without shoes.  My personal favo … [Read more...]

For the Worriers…

I am one, and I'd bet most of our readers are right there with me.  Hope this inspires ~"Let God tend to the hopeless-looking things. …It seems to me quite entrancing to be able to pile into bed realizing there is someone as big as God to do all the worrying that has to be done. Worry, you know, is a kind of reverence given to a situation because of its magnitude; how small it must be through God’s eyes…You can’t get everything done in a day, nor can you get any part of it done as well as it … [Read more...]

Monday Morning Snapshot

What does this picture tell you about my morning?I didn't sweep last night.  You will notice that there is both dinner and breakfast food in that pile.  I had time to sweep this morning.  I also had time to take a photo and type this post.  The pile is large, which means that there are many of us, and we are messy when we eat.  There are no green vegetables in the pile, which means we didn't have any green vegetables for dinner last night.  The tile on my kitchen floor has no texture, and so … [Read more...]

Builders Getaway Weekend

We were so blessed to spend a long weekend together!  What a fabulous time full of love, laughter, encouragement, rest, and fun.  Highlights include --1.  A house full of women who love God, the Church, and their families.  Friendship is so important as we walk on this journey of faith.  What a precious gift to have time to encourage one another.2.  Warm Texas sun.3.  The beautiful home and amazing hospitality of Texas Mommy -- great food, great drinks, and lots of quiet!4.  Five … [Read more...]

An Update and Links Post

This week's forecast finally looks like spring!  My younger children are outside, my older children are hurrying to finish their schoolwork so they can also play outside, and things feel very much under control.  Considering our recent battle with strep throat, I am thrilled.  Last week ended with 5/7 of our family on antibiotics.  Two confirmed cases of strep, one lingering ear infection, and two more kids with newly sore throats.  Years of experience led my pediatrician to recommend putting the … [Read more...]

Silence and Gratitude

So today is day # 3 of me having the worst sore throat of my life.  I don't know whether I have strep, laryngitis, the flu, or something else, but it feels like I have shards of glass in the back of my throat every time I try to swallow.  I can't speak AT ALL.  And I've been running a fever for the last 48 hours.  I'm headed to the doctor tonight just to make sure this isn't strep, and I'm feeling rather thankful that I've never had strep throat before!As I lay here surfing the web and che … [Read more...]

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  He is Risen!  You only get so many Easter Sundays, and so we tried to soak in every moment.  It was truly blessed.  The music, the flowers, the incense, the food, family, friends, little girls in Easter dresses, it was full of so many good things.  Here are a few shots of our family today.  Wishing all our readers a joyous Easter Sunday and Easter Season. … [Read more...]

Thoughts to begin Holy Week

Here are some thoughts as we begin Holy Week --Mothering our families can feel overwhelming at times, can't it? Well, I came across this quote today, and I really love it. --"Do everything calmly and peacefully. Do as much as you can as well as you can. Strive to see God in all things without exception, and consent to His will joyously. Do everything for God, uniting yourself to him in word and deed. Walk very simply with the Cross of the Lord and be at peace with yourself." - St. Francis … [Read more...]