Taste and See

July 2008 092 (Small)

Like B-Mama, I am also on an elimination diet for our baby who cannot tolerate any milk protein. I love to cook and bake, so this is tough for me. I have made some vegan versions of recipes with varying degrees of success, but I know that my family prefers buttercream icing to be made with actual butter and cream (not coconut milk and palm oil shortening.) So I continue to make the good stuff for them.The problem is that I can't taste it. It is like flying blind. I can't tell is something is … [Read more...]

What Could Have Been….


B-Mama was wondering a little while ago what it would be like if she had to pump milk for her daughter with a small army of people running around her house. I can tell her exactly what it would have been like. When pumping, your small army of people may have decided that today is the birthday of Ribbit the Stuffed Frog. Then, they may have decided that they needed to celebrate said birthday. With friends. Lots of stuffed friends. Apparently friends may also include pillows and quilts. And … [Read more...]

Beautiful Sermon

So many of us are at a crossroads these few weeks. Schedules and routines are shifting, children and parents are adjusting. Things do not always go smoothly. This short sermon from Audio Sancto is a beautiful reminder of what the point of all this is: holiness, sanctity and, ultimately, heaven. While the title is "Why Homeschool", the content applies to any person, whatever their state in life. My favorite line: Peace in the home is not always possible, but peace in the heart is. I urge you to ta … [Read more...]

Picture perfect?


 I had one of those blissful moments on Monday when all the pieces seemed to fall into place and I felt "successful". I had to have stitches from a recent surgery removed and my sitter was not available and my mother-in-law is out of town. So I took my baby, 4, 5, and 6 year old with me. I couldn't hold the baby when they took out the stitches, so my 5 year old sat on the floor and fed him a bottle while my 6 year old read geography questions to my 4 year old. I was so thrilled with … [Read more...]

Does this happen in homes with girls?


Double knife-wielding princess: … [Read more...]

Olympics and Spiritual Training


My husband and I were discussing how we can incorporate fun learning and maybe some virtue and habit training into the exciting time surrounding the Olympics. We both love watching world class athletes compete and our kids do, too.We will keep track of medal counts for several countries as we have done in the past, but Mr. Incredible thought it would be a great opportunity to work on building good habits and virtues. So for each day the boys will be trying to earn two medals for their own … [Read more...]


What is a mom on the go in need of coffee to do? Whip some up in your coffee-maker equipped car! Genius!Now if only Fiat made a 9 passenger car...h/t: my wonderful husband who doesn't rely on coffee, unlike me... … [Read more...]

Along For the Ride


Summer is a great time for a family vacation! But the thought of dragging 4 car seats onto a plane (and 4 kids through airport security) and then reinstalling them into a rental car is enough to stop me in my tracks.We have made several long car trips a year to visit family for the last two years, but this is our first time doing it with an infant. Our little guy is 10 weeks old.Any tips for little, little ones in the car? Since he also has 3 squirmy big brothers, we place a high value on … [Read more...]

Mass Times


MaryAlice posted some great vacation tips recently, which included going to Mass when travelling. Our children always think it is neat to go to new churches. The novelty of the space makes for engaged kids and better than average behavior. Yet, the sameness of the Mass across the globe is a reassuring reminder of the universality of the Catholic Church.A phenomenal resource for finding Mass times and locations of Catholic Churches is masstimes.org. We have used this site extensively when we … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Ideas

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One of the areas where I think (my) homeschooling lacks is some of those adorable preschool crafty things.  So when I saw this printable survey on Dad from Persnickety Prints, I thought it would be perfect for the kids to fill out with minimal effort from me!Oh. My. Goodness. The answers are hysterical!!! I would share them, but I don't want to spoil the surprise!And now a brief guest post & gift idea from the wonderful Mr. Texas Daddy:Dads like to laugh. Dads like to laugh … [Read more...]