Olympics and Spiritual Training


My husband and I were discussing how we can incorporate fun learning and maybe some virtue and habit training into the exciting time surrounding the Olympics. We both love watching world class athletes compete and our kids do, too. We will keep track of medal counts for several countries as we have done in the past, but Mr. Incredible thought it would be a great opportunity to work on building good habits and virtues. So for each day the boys will be trying to earn two medals for their own … [Read more...]


What is a mom on the go in need of coffee to do? Whip some up in your coffee-maker equipped car! Genius! Now if only Fiat made a 9 passenger car... h/t: my wonderful husband who doesn't rely on coffee, unlike me... … [Read more...]

Along For the Ride


Summer is a great time for a family vacation! But the thought of dragging 4 car seats onto a plane (and 4 kids through airport security) and then reinstalling them into a rental car is enough to stop me in my tracks. We have made several long car trips a year to visit family for the last two years, but this is our first time doing it with an infant. Our little guy is 10 weeks old. Any tips for little, little ones in the car? Since he also has 3 squirmy big brothers, we place a high … [Read more...]

Mass Times


MaryAlice posted some great vacation tips recently, which included going to Mass when travelling. Our children always think it is neat to go to new churches. The novelty of the space makes for engaged kids and better than average behavior. Yet, the sameness of the Mass across the globe is a reassuring reminder of the universality of the Catholic Church. A phenomenal resource for finding Mass times and locations of Catholic Churches is masstimes.org. We have used this site extensively when we … [Read more...]

Father’s Day Ideas

Don't Mess with Travis Final Cover for web2

One of the areas where I think (my) homeschooling lacks is some of those adorable preschool crafty things.  So when I saw this printable survey on Dad from Persnickety Prints, I thought it would be perfect for the kids to fill out with minimal effort from me! Oh. My. Goodness. The answers are hysterical!!! I would share them, but I don't want to spoil the surprise! And now a brief guest post & gift idea from the wonderful Mr. Texas Daddy: Dads like to laugh. Dads like to laugh … [Read more...]

Better Than TV


Baby watching...can the baby actually be the babysitter?  … [Read more...]

Airing my Dirty Dishes


I am a perfectionist, often to the detriment of those around me (and myself). If there were 48 hours in a day, I would still not accomplish all that I would like, or even a fraction of my to-do list. Not by a long shot. Which is why the seasons of newborns are so, so good for me. Because it makes me realize how much time I spend doing things that just aren't that important. Does it really matter at the moment if my spice rack is alphabetized? Or is it more important that my family feels … [Read more...]

Brand New All Over Again


Two weeks ago we welcomed our newest Incredi-bundle, a handsome baby boy! (We usually make more timely announcements, but all the builders have had a lot on their plates recently!) Bundle of joy could not be a more appropriate term. When our third son was born, our oldest was not even 3, so I essentially had 3 babies. This has been a whole new experience with three aware brothers to welcome our baby into the world! No yawn, smile or hiccup goes unnoticed by adoring brothers. I am … [Read more...]

Speaking of needing a deep breath….

Our washing machine just broke. It is not a huge surprise given our heavy use with all boys and cloth diapers and the strange noises and stopping in the middle of cycles it has been doing. But I am ~40 weeks pregnant. If I am not in hard labor tonight, I will be at Sears. Or maybe I'll just labor at Sears. I've been trying to read through some thoughts online, between contractions, with respect to washers and cloth diapering. I really liked our top loading model that lets me easily adjust … [Read more...]

To Breathe


I had a very challenging posterior birth of our second son. The agony was beyond my comprehension and at one point, when the pain was wildly out of control, I started to hyperventilate. I was breathing so fast, but felt like I couldn't get any oxygen to my body. It was terrifying. I needed my body to use oxygen, but it wouldn't. Sometimes I feel this same breathlessness during my normal days. There are moments when my day seems to spin wildly out of control, careening from one crisis to the … [Read more...]