To Be Two

Pictures taken exactly .002 seconds apart. … [Read more...]

More Misunderstood

Today in the car the boys were discussing their future professions.Dash (5): "I want to be a  butterfly farmer."Jack-Jack (4): "I want to be a chef."Incredibaby (2): "I want to be a doctor. But the kind that doesn't give shots and gives lots of lollipops."The baby paused and added, "And Mommy will clean."I asked in a rather higher than usual voice while suppressing all sorts of snarky comments in my head, "Mommy will clean?!"To which he replied, "No, Mommy, you're the … [Read more...]

Pet Envy

My kids want a pet. As someone who requested a horse for every single holiday, be it President's Day or Christmas, for about 12 years, I can understand their desire. As a mom with many bells to answer to, I can understand my reluctance. I have an easy excuse for saying no to cats and dogs as my son and I are allergic. We have any number of insects in cages, nets, bags at any point in time. But the most recent requests have been for fish.My question is this: Can I handle a fish? I mean, it … [Read more...]


It has been one of those days.Our little one was dragged under water at the pool this morning (even with coast guard approved flotation device) prompting me to dive in and fish him out. Much choking and sputtering later he was ok.Later, our big boy choked on a lollipop (one of the only kinds he can have) when it came off the stick. Determining that it was faster to drive to the ER than call an ambulance (we were in the car) we arrived and he very spectacularly vomited the lodged candy in the … [Read more...]

Scheduling School Time

Awhile ago we had a great discussion on some ideas for a good family routine when trying to teach older kids and keep little ones happy and out of (too much) trouble. I promised several people that I would share what has worked in our family this year. As much as I would love to spend the next few years in a relaxed manner reading and following rabbit trails, the reality is that this does not work for our oldest son. So, as with so many things, I had to cast aside my ideas of what I wanted our … [Read more...]

On Shaping

From the Simply Charlotte Mason blog:Shaping requires intimate knowledge, trusting relationship, careful monitoring, constant interaction. We must become our children's students, studying them, learning about them, discovering where they need shaping and how best to use our shaping tools in their lives.(This series of posts on the process of shaping based on Miss Mason's motto for students: I am, I can, I ought, I will looks really interesting!) … [Read more...]

We’ll Take Daddy…

...anyway we can get him! Mr. Incredible spent last week in New York giving presentations, and the boys were riveted to the webcast version on his company's website. These kids are going to rock ECO 363 Corporate Finance someday! My husband's travel schedule has been pretty mild recently, but it often seems that those trips never come at a good time, probably because we always prefer life with Mr. Incredible here.When Dad is gone I tend to simplify things like meals. Last week I resurrected … [Read more...]

Good Behavior Club

My boys informed me today that they have formed a good behavior club. Of couse, I instantly thought it was some very localized off shoot of the Blue Knights and they would be spurring each other on to great virtues. Images of impeccably dressed boys treating each other with impeccable politeness danced in my head.My mistake.I was promptly informed the goal of the club is to slay dragons rather than, shall we say, use good table manners.At least I now know what they think when I tell them … [Read more...]

Holy Week Logistics

 The liturgies of this most holy week are so beautiful, and also so long and late for little ones.How do you all balance celebrating Holy Week as a family with little ones? The last few years my husband and I have traded off with one of us going to Holy Thursday and one of us going to Good Friday services and the other putting the kids to bed. And we opt for mass on Easter Sunday morning instead of the Vigil Mass, which is the most beautiful Mass of the year. Does anyone have any … [Read more...]

Check your own shoes, first!

This time of year is beautiful in Texas and we spend long weekends outside planting and gardening and bug collecting. I have drilled and drilled into the boys' heads that they are supposed to take off their muddy shoes before they come into the house. Of couse, they are little boys, and often, in some Very Exciting Moment (like the discovery of a new bug) someone will charge in to retrive a bug box or a butterfly identification sheet or fulfill the burning desire to "show Mommy" something that … [Read more...]