In light of the recent head lice conversations, I naturally cringed this morning when I noticed H was aggressively scratching her head. Upon close inspection, she is vermin-free but has extremely dry scalp. Any tips as to what to do about this? We are still using Johnson’s All Over Baby Wash on all of our children, but for winter we probably need to do something more moisturizing. Read more

So, there will be a lot to reflect on from our morning in Philly, but here is one part that I am thinking about:Why is it that when I tell my husband that his soreness and knee pain after long runs would be helped by stretching and moving in a cool down he ignores me and is stiff for days, but when B’s husband gives him the same advice he follows it and is amazed at how much better he… Read more

JURIS MATERWith an impressive time of 34:43!An 8K is just about 5 miles, so Juris Mater ran sub 7 minute miles for the entire race. She finished 86th (12th overall female) out of 1625 runners. She was amazing–blowing away the competition and living up to her prodigious trash-talking.As for the rest of us:* B-Mama and I set out to run under 40 minutes, and we both accomplished our goal. I clocked in at 38:21 and B-Mama finished in 39:50, making… Read more

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It’s amazing sometimes how small things can lead to big problems.  Take, for instance, a small hairline fissure within a cement dam leading to a massive flooding.  Or the smallest, tiniest virus multiplying and dominating one’s body during flu season.  Or say, a tiny, dime-sized smiley face sticker leading us to a crazy afternoon spent in an ENT office.  Yep, you got it.  My little guy stuck it up his nose.We were all having such fun–I had just initiated a… Read more

This week I have realized that slowly but surely, we are becoming the Real Learning family that I always hoped we would be. Elizabeth, and others, assured me that it would happen with time, but for so long it has been hard to see the big picture evolving as I have been dealing with the details. Homeschooling is a joy, and it is as easy as breathing, it is all just flowing naturally.Let me give a few examples:1. After some… Read more

Juris Mater has said she’s hotsteppin’B-mama and Red are just bettin’Who will run fastand not come in lastGuaranteed we’ll surely be sweatin’But who really has what it takesTo compete without pride or mistakes?A prize she will winIn this race of has-beensTo conquer a test of high stakesThe BC crowd will give cheerFrom the sidelines others might jeerAs they see what transpiresWhen the gun quickly firesThree mamas compete without fearMary Alice will humble us soundlyAt her full term status, so roundlyShe’ll… Read more

In light of the upcoming race, it seemed appropriate to post my current workout routine in the hopes that it will become the next great fitness empire. My husband played golf with the husband of “Mrs. Buns of Steel” and claims his golf game would improve if I could create a similar empire and he could retire and play golf all the time. I won’t make it up from Texas for race day (or will I?!?), which is probably a… Read more

Anyone have a good recipe for homemade egg nog? I have a bit of an aversion to thick drinks, so I don’t drink the stuff myself. Mr. Red, however, starts thinking about egg nog in October and one of his few cooking adventures involved an attempt at homemade egg nog. The taste was good, but it turned out very lumpy. He has requested tips and a new recipe. Your advice is most appreciated. Read more

Last weekend was an intense educational experience for our family. We spent the weekend in western Pennsylvania visiting the sustainable “beyond organic” farm of an old law school friend.The paths of lawyers and farmers usually only cross at an upscale, yuppie farmers market. Fortunately for us, we were blessed to have known our farmer friend before he became a farmer’s market supplier.Farmer Dave was an old law school classmate of Mr. Red. Despite a stellar first year performance, Dave decided… Read more

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