We Need Philly Run Updates

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Little Things

It's amazing sometimes how small things can lead to big problems.  Take, for instance, a small hairline fissure within a cement dam leading to a massive flooding.  Or the smallest, tiniest virus multiplying and dominating one's body during flu season.  Or say, a tiny, dime-sized smiley face sticker leading us to a crazy afternoon spent in an ENT office.  Yep, you got it.  My little guy stuck it up his nose.We were all having such fun--I had just initiated a geography project of sorts.  The two ol … [Read more...]

It’s really happening

This week I have realized that slowly but surely, we are becoming the Real Learning family that I always hoped we would be. Elizabeth, and others, assured me that it would happen with time, but for so long it has been hard to see the big picture evolving as I have been dealing with the details. Homeschooling is a joy, and it is as easy as breathing, it is all just flowing naturally.Let me give a few examples:1. After some reflection I realized that even in colder weather my kids need plenty … [Read more...]

Tone, Trash Talk, and Thanksgiving Turkey: The Final Edition

Juris Mater has said she's hotsteppin'B-mama and Red are just bettin'Who will run fastand not come in lastGuaranteed we'll surely be sweatin'But who really has what it takesTo compete without pride or mistakes?A prize she will winIn this race of has-beensTo conquer a test of high stakesThe BC crowd will give cheerFrom the sidelines others might jeerAs they see what transpiresWhen the gun quickly firesThree mamas compete without fearMary Alice will humble us soundlyAt her full term status, so … [Read more...]

A New Fitness Empire

In light of the upcoming race, it seemed appropriate to post my current workout routine in the hopes that it will become the next great fitness empire. My husband played golf with the husband of "Mrs. Buns of Steel" and claims his golf game would improve if I could create a similar empire and he could retire and play golf all the time. I won't make it up from Texas for race day (or will I?!?), which is probably a good thing since I am at least as competitive at Juris Mater and would be killing … [Read more...]

Egg Nog Help!

Anyone have a good recipe for homemade egg nog? I have a bit of an aversion to thick drinks, so I don't drink the stuff myself. Mr. Red, however, starts thinking about egg nog in October and one of his few cooking adventures involved an attempt at homemade egg nog. The taste was good, but it turned out very lumpy. He has requested tips and a new recipe. Your advice is most appreciated. … [Read more...]

Beyond Organic

Last weekend was an intense educational experience for our family. We spent the weekend in western Pennsylvania visiting the sustainable “beyond organic” farm of an old law school friend.The paths of lawyers and farmers usually only cross at an upscale, yuppie farmers market. Fortunately for us, we were blessed to have known our farmer friend before he became a farmer’s market supplier.Farmer Dave was an old law school classmate of Mr. Red. Despite a stellar first year performance, Dave decid … [Read more...]

Works for Me: Housework

There has been some talk on our blog recently about household chores, and I thought that I would share a recent revelation that I have had about what works for me when it comes to doing housework. As I said in one of my comments, I grew up with a mother who did a great job keeping our home clean and tidy, while at the same time making it a warm and welcoming place for our family. I always knew that my mother was great at all things related to keeping a home - cooking, cleaning, organization, you … [Read more...]

The Feast of St. Nicholas

We are all trying hard not to get sucked into the commercialism of Christmas that has been surrounding us since August, but it bears mentioning that Advent is just around the corner and we as mothers have a unique opportunity to establish special family traditions that orient ourselves and our children towards the cradle on Christmas Day.It is not too early to start planning a few ways to make the meaning of the season come alive for your little ones. We love St. Nicholas in the Incredible … [Read more...]

Demystifying the Allure of the Foreign

As of today, we have been in Germany for two full months. We still don't have our furniture or our winter clothes, but regardless, it has been two months.I have been reflecting a lot on the cultural differences between the United States and Europe - trying to walk that fine line between stereotyping and ignoring the subtleties. One lesson that I am working hard to teach myself is that just because something is foreign does not make it right. This may strike some of you as painfully obvious or … [Read more...]