There has been some talk on our blog recently about household chores, and I thought that I would share a recent revelation that I have had about what works for me when it comes to doing housework. As I said in one of my comments, I grew up with a mother who did a great job keeping our home clean and tidy, while at the same time making it a warm and welcoming place for our family. I always knew… Read more

We are all trying hard not to get sucked into the commercialism of Christmas that has been surrounding us since August, but it bears mentioning that Advent is just around the corner and we as mothers have a unique opportunity to establish special family traditions that orient ourselves and our children towards the cradle on Christmas Day.It is not too early to start planning a few ways to make the meaning of the season come alive for your little ones…. Read more

As of today, we have been in Germany for two full months. We still don’t have our furniture or our winter clothes, but regardless, it has been two months.I have been reflecting a lot on the cultural differences between the United States and Europe – trying to walk that fine line between stereotyping and ignoring the subtleties. One lesson that I am working hard to teach myself is that just because something is foreign does not make it right. This… Read more

It is time to get ready! First, crisis cleaning: this is a flylady concept, you set the timer for 15 minutes and you clean in one room, then move on to the next room for 15 minutes. Work for 45 minutes, then rest for 15 minutes, have a glass of water, take a walk outside, play with your kids. If your home has more than three rooms (for years, mine didn’t, which was a good thing in many ways), you… Read more

Dear Melissa, Dear Doug: Your Latches Board develops fine motor abilities, memory, and shape, color and size differentiation skills. It is handcrafted using superior wood and brass, and painted in bright colors. It can capture my preschoolers’ attention and focus for up to 15 minutes at a time.Did you consider the long-term repercussions?Our apartment door came equipped with three different locks for extra child safety, each with a different type of latch. My little Houdini (age 2) and Houdina (age… Read more

If Juris Mater were a Turkey…But seriously, only a little over 1 week until Race Day!As my post earlier this week indicated, my family has been overwhelmed with MANY different challenges. Several hours of daily lice removal definitely puts a damper on regular training plans 😉 Couple this with some difficulties I have been having with my one leg (shin splints, I think?) and running has definitely taken a backseat to my other daily obligations.Prior to the craziness, I was… Read more

Well, there are still fewer children here than there are in the Duggar family, but I have to admit feeling an amazing amount of pride when I see this group — just a portion of the Building Cathedrals family — gathered together for a baptism last month.Back in college, GG had the idea to start a rosary group. I remember sitting in a cave-like underground cafe in Princeton and hearing a man pray the rosary for the first time in… Read more

Dear Lord Jesus Christ,those whom we honor todayare examples of your words:”Greater love than this no one has:that he lay down his life for his friends.”They gave up their lives in defense of freedomfor their loved ones and their country.Teach me to appreciate the virtue of patriotisma true and Christian love of country.Let me love my country not to follow it blindlybut to make it the land of goodnessthat it should be.Let my patriotism be suchthat it will not exclude… Read more

The past week has brought its fair share of difficulties for our family. For starters, on Halloween the kids and I boldly ventured into Philadelphia to meet Mr. Red for the big Phillies parade. Crowded and exhausted, we witnessed everything from grown men wearing nothing but Phillies underwear, to homeless men decked out in Phillies garb (Philly fans can afford to be generous once every 25 years). We returned home without Mr. Red and my wallet. The former had an… Read more

Since we are all still dealing with our post-election emotions, particularly with regards to legalized abortion, I thought this link might be of interest. Jennifer’s thoughts are really moving as she compares the evil of abortion with the holocaust. She begins with this very eerie photo of the staff at Auschwitz relaxing and having a great time during an on-site retreat, and then states:If were a 31-year-old woman with three little kids in a busy house in Germany 1941, would… Read more

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