For some reason yesterday, my boys and I never ventured out of the house.  To say we were caught in some supernatural conundrum is an understatement!!  By the end of the day I found myself walking in circles without order or purpose.  It’s no wonder the TV was on more than necessary or the house looked like a tornado had passed through it.  “Do you ever feel like quitting?” I asked my husband when he arrived home.  I think I startled… Read more

T minus 16 days until the “big race”.On Sunday, November 23rd, ready or not, we will come.My knees have been trying to convince me otherwise.  My physical therapist sister tells me I’m getting older and weaker.  Ugh.Has my youth already escaped me?  Have my muscles begun to defy my almost-30-year-old body?I pray, NO!!I guess I’ll just have to work harder and actually strength train to get my body back in working running shape.   I guess things won’t come as… Read more

Rebecca Teti over at Faith and Family Live says it better than I ever could:An Almost Perfect Moment Read more

It’s clear after watching the coverage last night that Obama’s candidacy and presidency have deep meaning to many, many Americans. People crave a new kind of hope, and Obama represents that. (Too bad they’re not looking to Jesus, though.) And particularly for the African-American community and all who have felt marginalized in the United States, Obama’s victory is a huge moment, announcing that we’re moving past all that. It’s an unspeakable shame, though, that the flip side of this is… Read more

(Not a normal day)Four years ago today, I awoke as a freshly unemployed campaign coordinator for a major county in Texas in a hotel bed after a long night at the elections department and a post-election party, exhausted in a way that made running a marathon seem like I had just taken a walk in the park.Today, four years and three children later, I awoke equally exhausted. A four day family wedding and a baptism followed by 8 consecutive days… Read more

As we head to the polls tomorrow, let us remember that we must represent not only our own interests, but the interests of those who cannot speak for themselves, the most vulnerable and innocent among us. Let us vow to ourselves and to our nation that we will continue to speak out against the evils that we see, and that we will not allow ourselves to be tricked by eloquent words that seek to disguise evil as good. Let us… Read more

I am planning to send my boys out trick-or-treating tonight, but not without requirement.  They are to be polite and courteous to the people they meet, especially to those nice enough to give them treats.I was at a Halloween event recently where out of 50 kids, I received less than a handful of “thank-you’s”.   Each time a child approached me for their candy handout, I would patiently wait to see if he/she would “wow” me with manners.  Most times… Read more

 Read more

Three-and-a-half year old Bella isn’t napping anymore–she’s in that stage where she could fall asleep at nap time, but if she does she’s awake until 11pm.I knew we’d be one of those families where non-napping preschoolers still have an hour of quiet time. The reasons, or so I thought: (1) My sanity–I need that time to catch my breath, exercise, and pray for a few minutes (2) The child’s sanity–no 3 year old can blast through a day full-throttle and… Read more

It is finished. The curse is over. We are champions! Anyone want to join us for a parade down Broad street? Tomorrow will be a big day. Lots of Philly fun at the parade and then trick or treating in the afternoon. We will be tired for sure. But when you haven’t seen your team win a championship in 25 years, you just have to celebrate this one in style. Read more

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