How Building Cathedrals Saved my Life

A tad drastic? Maybe, but my intention in this post is to explain and then give thanks for a revelation I have experienced over the past 18 months of my life.It was May 2007 - my, reluctant, four-year active duty Army service was completed and Husband and I had decided that someone needed to be the rock at home. No more two parents at work for insane hours. No more two parents fearing deployments to hostile lands, one is more than enough.Leaving the work-a-day world to stay home with my children … [Read more...]

A Campaign Issue We Can All Agree On

Today I have received several emails reminding me that there are nine days left until the presidential election -- and, though they are a bit lost in the shuffle this year, we will also be voting for our Congress and local leadership. Will you please join in a minute of prayer for our country every night at 9 pm, beginning tonight and continuing through election day? Whoever becomes our next president is going to need our prayers, as he will face issues we cannot yet imagine, as well as the … [Read more...]


Somewhere in the archives, TexasMommy wrote about the upsides of the third trimester of pregnancy. I am at 33 weeks now, so I want to share my thoughts on the subject. Be prepared, they will get whinier as the weeks progress:1) I am now so visibly pregnant that many strangers comment. I am really glad to be pregnant and excited to meet my baby, so I am finding that it is actually fun to talk to strangers about when he is due, etc. However, when they ask if this is my first, I am tempted to … [Read more...]

Back To Sleep Query

Dear Building Cathedrals,My 4-mos-old son, Sean, is suffering from a flat head due to all the time spent on his back. I know pediatricians have just started recommending back sleeping in the last few years and we all slept on our fronts and had nice round heads to show for it. All the mothers in my life who had front-sleeping babies can't stand Sean's head! And this is a C-Section head!Do your babies have flat heads like this too? Am I to take solace knowing that there will be at least one … [Read more...]

Shoes, Cake, and other Unimportant Thoughts for a Friday Morning…

On this Friday morning, here are the things that I am thinking about, in no particular order:1) I can't wait to see Texas Mommy and her boys this weekend for Baby J's baptism! Yay, Baby J! Hmmm, I'd better make sure that we all have appropriate attire that fits the kids (and me!)...2) How am I going to keep 4 kids, ages 12 months through 4 1/2 years, happy on the playground this morning? (Another mom and I are "trading kids" during parent-teacher conferences at C's school.) Will I be able to … [Read more...]

Tone, Trash Talk and Thanksgiving Turkey: Part Quattro

I have come to realize in the last week what my two most formidable opponents will be in this 8K race: Not the 8K distance or the time. I'm running 8Ks outside and doing 45 minute cardio workouts with no problem. Not Red and B-mama. I will handily beat them without question.Not the city smog or car fumes that I will be inhaling while I run. I have strong lungs--never been a smoker, always been an athlete.The two major opponents will be the early morning and the cold weather. To remind everyone, … [Read more...]

One down, Three to Go!

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Comments Are Open

I have changed the format of our comments to a pop-up window because for some reason blogger was not allowing comments on our blog. If you want to continue discussion on the election, please feel free, the comments are now working. Sorry for the inconvenience... … [Read more...]

A Nutty Day

Some of our loyal readers may have picked up on the fact that we have a loose schedule of rotating blog posts among the builders. Well, today is my day, and I have spent most of it in a 10'x6' doctors office with a 3 year old and a baby, so my brain is pretty fried at this point. This is not the post I had planned to write, but I will be happy if I can put together full sentences.Today we had Dash's "peanut challenge". He had a reaction the first time he ate peanut butter, and tested very … [Read more...]

It’s the World Series

and when your from Philadelphia, that's a big deal.We are ready to go.Will you be watching tonight?Go Phils! … [Read more...]