If you were going to be stranded on a deserted island for one year with a newborn, what three items would you bring? Easy:(1) SwaddleMe swaddling blanket, so baby and I can both sleep through the night beneath the stars (and eventually in our bamboo hut).(2) Baby Bjorn, to carry baby with me as I hunt (free range cows and chickens) and gather (berries and plants and grains and hopefully some balsamic vinegar to spruce them up)(3) Bumbo baby seat,… Read more

Dash (3 years old) commenting on the various methods of cooking in the Incredible home:”Sometimes we cook with the grill and sometimes we cook with the stove,” pausing he looked at Mommy and added, “And sometimes we cook with the coffee maker.”And sometimes he is more right than he knows! The stove and grill I could live without, but don’t mess with the coffee maker! Read more

I really loathe having to post something negative, but I do so here because I know you are wise women and I am need of good support and counsel with regards to a difficult issue. Essentially, my dilemma boils down to this: 1) I am twenty-six yrs. old and all of my childhood friends think I am nuts. 2) I am not sure that I should care.I recently finished a month-long vacation at my parents’ home in San Diego, CA…. Read more

I think and hope we have had our last blast of summertime air in the Northeast. Yesterday’s temps were in the 90’s, but the rest of the week promises to be cooler. As Texas Mommy noted earlier this week, many of us LOVE the fall, and I feel very ready for its arrival.I am, however, somewhat sad to see the days of summer, and particularly summer days at the beach, come to an end. We spent the 1st week of… Read more

In light of Mary Alice’s post in which she is seeking the right type of loving discipline for her daughter who has cut her hair for the fourth time (please post any thoughts on this in the comments section of that post!), Mr. Incredible is demanding that I post the following picture of Dash.I know that everyone has pictures of their kids with a big chunk of hair missing from some point during their childhood. However, the child is usually… Read more

Well, here is where you get to see just how imperfect my household is, but a little bit of reality is good for all of us, plus, I am really at a loss and could use your help:Tonight, I caught MaryB with scissors cutting her own hair for the 4th time this month. I am not including pictures, but with the trims I have done to even things out she is starting to look quite boyish, and now once again… Read more

For those in the path of hurricane Ike. One of our builders lives in an area heavily hit by the storm. Please pray for all the families affected, and particularly for the elderly, the poor, and the rescue workers who were not able to evacuate. Read more

Ok, I’m going to hit on two different things.First, I was rather underwhelmed with Palin’s interview last night. Much of what she said came across as scripted and rehearsed. Putting the issues aside, her appeal lies in her down-to-earth, hockey-mom, just-one-of-us nature. Last night she seemed awkward, and very politician-like in the way she dodged questions. I’m not sure how much of this was the result of Charlie Gibson’s distasteful interview tactics? He acted more like an attack dog than… Read more

If you’re anything like me you puzzle all day long trying to figure out your children.  These living, breathing, crying, whining, smiling, melting, wonderful, precious little creatures have been placed in our care and we aim to do the best job we can as their parents.  So why not a little bit of science and theory to help make it easier?  Why not pigeonhole them into stereotypes to ease our jobs and make sense of it all?  Alas, you all… Read more

As Mr. Incredible was about to head out the door with the two big boys, I jokingly suggested he take Incredibaby along, too.His response: “If we have N children I think I will be comfortable handling N-1!”I hear you sweetie! Some days I think I can handle N-N children (you do the math) and other days when I long for N children to the Nth power!Maybe we’ll keep up our record N children in N years of marriage. 4 years,… Read more

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