Today is the feast day of Saints Joachim and Anne, the parents of Mary, and it is also our 5 year wedding anniversary! I have been very sentimental this morning as I reflect on 5 wonderful, busy years with ET and our children, Christopher (our honeymoon baby - you do the math :) ), ^Lucy^ (born and died on 8/17/06), and Maria (10/30/07). I have always loved having our wedding anniversary on the feast day of Joachim and Anne. St. Anne is the patron saint of mothers in childbirth and all Christian … [Read more...]

A Moment of Praise

As a mother of two young'ns I spend a lot of time in prayer asking our Heavenly Father or the Blessed Mother for help, BUT today I am here to offer a praise!This morning, as I lugged a heavy six month old in an infant seat out to the car, my 3.75-yr-old greeted me with a huge smile from the back seat of the Subaru. She had fully strapped herself into her 5-point car seat harness. All you mothers out there know what a life-changer this is! Can I get an Amen? … [Read more...]

When Mom Comes to Town

My mother arrived last night to help with the pre-baby preparations...What is it that is so amazing about mothers, really?  Just having her here, knowing she's present is such solace to me.  She knows what I like and dislike.  We laugh at the same things.  She helps me see the humor in my sons' crazy antics.  She still knows what's best for me and orders me to take a nap and slow down.  She just gets me in a way that others do not.  And why?  Because she birthed me, raised me, scolded me, loved m … [Read more...]

God Bless Texas!

In light of Kat's recent move and comments on Texas pride, I thought I would point out that there were flags of almost every country of the world represented at World Youth Day 2008 in Australia. Including Texas. We saw tons of Texas state flags on EWTN's coverage! … [Read more...]

Ode to Tylenol PM

Gelcap, Capsule, or Tablet, I discriminate notSing me to sleep, oh Tylenol PM“Off” switch on my brain is malfunctioning againSing my mind to sleep, oh Tylenol PMSo my husband will be the first to hear the baby monitor all 9 timesSing me into a sound sleep, oh Tylenol PMTraces of you seep into my breastmilkSing me and my nursing baby to sleep, oh Tylenol PMLover of natural childbirth and natural remedies I am, yet I surrender to youSing me into drug-induced sleep, oh Tylenol PMWhat the world nee … [Read more...]

Take the Autism Quotient Quiz

I'm a little late on this, but apparently there is a 50 point assessment test designed by Cambridge University to assess where an adult falls on the autism spectrum. Those in the autism community consider this a fairly accurate test. Average adult males score at or around a 17, average adult females score at or around a 15. 35 points or highter is associated with Asperger's Syndrome. I took the quiz and scored a 15, totally average for a female.h/t Rod Dreher … [Read more...]

The Cry Room

Two weeks ago I did a post about Fr. Anthony, our beloved pastor, and the wonderful homily he gave to our parish. Today I'm going to do another shout-out to Father. I figure that we all spend plenty of time complaining about the bad priests out there, why not devote another post to praising the good things our priests do to shepherd the flock.Father has this wonderful little column, Pastor's Corner, in every bulletin where he instructs the faithful on all kinds of things, from his … [Read more...]

Why We Need to Buy a Hybrid

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Our Friend, H2O

Swelling... swelling.One of the many wonderful side-effects of pregnancy. In your ankles, legs, hands and fingers... Swelling.Water.The doctors and midwives tell you to drink it.You try.  You really do.But it's so hard to get that daily 64oz.And add on countless more liters if you're exercising, already nursing, etc.Not to mention it has no taste!Yet this pregnancy I have become a believer in water.  I have been overwhelmed at its healing and life-giving power.  I should know better.  A Biology b … [Read more...]

Knights of Columbus–Baghdad Iraq

I apologize for the delay on this, but I had to first get permission to publicize this letter and request for help. I have removed portions of the letter to protect the privacy of Captain Haslam.Happy Fourth of July from Baghdad, Iraq!I am proud to be serving the United States of America in the Air Forceon this great day. It makes me think of the words that PresidentKennedy shared with our country many years ago: "Ask not what yourcountry can do for you, but what you can do for your … [Read more...]