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Swelling… swelling.One of the many wonderful side-effects of pregnancy. In your ankles, legs, hands and fingers… Swelling.Water.The doctors and midwives tell you to drink it.You try.  You really do.But it’s so hard to get that daily 64oz.And add on countless more liters if you’re exercising, already nursing, etc.Not to mention it has no taste!Yet this pregnancy I have become a believer in water.  I have been overwhelmed at its healing and life-giving power.  I should know better.  A Biology background in tow, my… Read more

I apologize for the delay on this, but I had to first get permission to publicize this letter and request for help. I have removed portions of the letter to protect the privacy of Captain Haslam.Happy Fourth of July from Baghdad, Iraq!I am proud to be serving the United States of America in the Air Forceon this great day. It makes me think of the words that PresidentKennedy shared with our country many years ago: “Ask not what yourcountry can… Read more

6 o’clock was an ugly hour in my house tonight. The neighborhood kickball game had been postponed due to traffic, and while my kids were eagerly awaiting the ring of the doorbell to let them know that the game was back on, I was dreading that it would come just after my mental cut off of 6:30 for getting them inside and on to the bedtime routine. Our dinner, honey nut cheerios in front of the TV, had been spilled… Read more

Swimming in the bayBella: goes in too deep, loses her footing and falls slightly underwater, and decides she probably shouldn’t be out quite that farBean: goes in too deep, loses his footing and falls underwater backwards, with only his eyes above water; watches me calmly from underwater as I race to pull him out; goes in deeper, stands up and then continues falling backward underwater on purpose to see what happensPlaying outside when a light rain begins to fallBella: runs… Read more

Happy 40th Birthday, Humanae Vitae!Enjoy this article and its provocative defense of such a prophetic encyclical.What a great read for all, Catholics and non-Catholics alike! Read more

Among our builders we have two beautiful mamas due with baby boys in just a couple of weeks! We are all praying for a safe arrival and smooth delivery for both babies. And while we are waiting, I thought we could have a little competition to see who among us can best predict the date these little bundles of joy will arrive.Here are some hints: Texas Mommy is due the 27th of July, and she has had her previous 2… Read more

Moving is always a humbling experience: New house to take care of, New roads to get used to, New neighbors to meet, New culture to learn, the list goes on and on. Well, here are some things that I’ve learned over the course of my first couple of weeks in Houston:1) Celery shouldn’t go down the garbage disposal. The fibers just ball up around each other and clog the darn thing, and before you know it you’ll have water and… Read more

Patience and Humility is the book I am currently reading. I selected it from my mother’s extensive Catholic book shelf while I was home recently because, these are two of my biggest failings. In fact, I could scarcely believe it when I saw the title – it was a two in one deal, it was written for me, it was small! I hoped that this little white paperback would give me some fodder for prayer and thought. I am painfully… Read more

I just recently became aware of how potentially crazy the arrival of our third child will be in just a few weeks. While his nursery is all set up, his clothes washed, and his Fuzzi Bunz arranged neatly on the shelf, the emotional stability of my other children may be in jeopardy!While having friends over the other day, I plucked up their 6-mos-old and snuggled him, completely unaware of the stress I was causing our precious T-baby, 2 in August…. Read more

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