A Friendly Competition

Among our builders we have two beautiful mamas due with baby boys in just a couple of weeks! We are all praying for a safe arrival and smooth delivery for both babies. And while we are waiting, I thought we could have a little competition to see who among us can best predict the date these little bundles of joy will arrive.Here are some hints: Texas Mommy is due the 27th of July, and she has had her previous 2 boys a little bit early (6 days and 3 days). Prayers that Texas Mommy will again … [Read more...]

Who Knew?

Moving is always a humbling experience: New house to take care of, New roads to get used to, New neighbors to meet, New culture to learn, the list goes on and on. Well, here are some things that I've learned over the course of my first couple of weeks in Houston:1) Celery shouldn't go down the garbage disposal. The fibers just ball up around each other and clog the darn thing, and before you know it you'll have water and leftover food bubbling up from one side of the sink to the other. Who knew? … [Read more...]

This guy is in my living room!

Patience and Humility is the book I am currently reading. I selected it from my mother's extensive Catholic book shelf while I was home recently because, these are two of my biggest failings. In fact, I could scarcely believe it when I saw the title - it was a two in one deal, it was written for me, it was small! I hoped that this little white paperback would give me some fodder for prayer and thought. I am painfully aware that I need to 1) be humble enough to embrace fully my role as wife and … [Read more...]

To Welcome a New Sibling

I just recently became aware of how potentially crazy the arrival of our third child will be in just a few weeks. While his nursery is all set up, his clothes washed, and his Fuzzi Bunz arranged neatly on the shelf, the emotional stability of my other children may be in jeopardy!While having friends over the other day, I plucked up their 6-mos-old and snuggled him, completely unaware of the stress I was causing our precious T-baby, 2 in August. I looked down to find him in full tears, saying "No … [Read more...]

Cow Appreciation Day

While this blog is not one to promote fast food, I thought this might be fun to pass along anyway.If you dress like a cow and go to Chick-fil-a tomorrow (July 11) you will get a free meal. Chik-fil-a was the ONLY fast food I would eat until we found out that Dash has a peanut allergy and that Chik-fil-a fries in peanut oil. So now it's off limits for our family anyway. But for those who are always on the look out for a free meal, have fun getting dressed up! … [Read more...]

Making Time Stand Still, Nuns and Baseball?

As a self-proclaimed sports fan, I frequent ESPN's website for updates on my favorite teams. In the 6 months I have been writing for this blog, I have yet to come across a story that any of you, our readers, would find interesting, or even relevant, to your life.Until today.ESPN did a piece today about Our lady of Perpetual Help Hospice, run by a group of Dominican Nuns. The Hospice sits in the shadows of Turner Field (home of the Atlanta Braves), and the article is about terminal cancer … [Read more...]

Darn TV

Why is it that everyone's first instinct, including paid sitters, is to turn on the TV to quiet kids? And what does it take to get people to think of other activities? Is that asking too much? I feel bad being the strict, uptight mom who says no TV, and I feel like I let sitters down or ask too much of them when I request no TV. How do you all keep people from flipping on Caillou (who I can't stand... could he be any whinier?) as soon as there's down time or pre-tantrum behavior or at any and … [Read more...]

What She Said

I wish I could tattoo Mary Ellen's words to my forward, it would avoid so many silly questions. My husband studied conducting in college, and when he told an older friend that I was pregnant again the man actually said "you had better rhythm when you were at Princeton!"http://www.licatholic.org/columns/another%20view.htm … [Read more...]

Miss Manners

Growing up I was forced to attend a class exclusively on manners. We did everything you would expect in a manners class including, I kid you not, walking with books on our head, while wearing frilly socks, no less. As a tomboy, I was horrified at this waste of Saturday mornings!That said, I have finally reached the point where I can say, "Thank you, Mom, for making me do that." I know what silverware to use when and how to hold polite conversations. Maybe I would have learned this all by osmosis … [Read more...]

total gross out

If you are in your first trimester, stop reading immediately.On our block, garbage is only collected once a week, so you have to stay fairly on top of things. For some reason, we have two town trash cans, and I was operating under the assumption that my husband was bringing both cans to the curb every Sunday night. Unfortunately, he was assuming that we were only putting trash into one of the cans. Well, you know what happens when you assume? MAGGOTS! That's right friends, I looked out my … [Read more...]