(Un)Healthy Suspicion of Health Care?

We’ve hit this topic a little in our email discussions about midwifery, but I wanted to revisit it more generally. What’s with the larger-than-average number of Catholic moms who harbor a suspicion against the medical status quo? I wouldn’t pin myself as a “granola” or “homeopathic” mom, but this weekend when I found myself formally declining Pedialyte solution during a late night visit to the emergency room with a 105-degree 18-month-old Bean, I had to stop and wonder. It’s just Pedialyte! But o … [Read more...]

The Master Plan

Since we are all talking about what we are feeding our families, I am wondering if anyone does a rotating meal plan. I've seen lots of versions on-line. Some moms use a 3 week rotating schedule, some a monthly schedule, some cook and freeze for weeks at a time with tired and true (and easy) recipes that take a lot of the guess work out of meal planning and grocery shopping.At this stage in the game, we don't do anything of the sort. I generally meal plan the same day or, possibly, the night … [Read more...]

Mean Mommy

For the past couple of nights, my almost 4 year-old C has been calling out in his sleep, "Mommy, mommy" in such a sad, almost pathetic, tone. It's heart-breaking, at least for this mommy, and the reason is that I fear that I've been a bit too harsh with him over the past couple of days. I'm usually a fairly calm, upbeat person, but over the past couple of days I have been "laying down the law" and in the process, I fear that I have been traumatizing C.  This is not to say that I'm not firm in … [Read more...]

Getting Real About Food

These conversations about food are challenging; feeding a growing family is a big part of a mother's job, and picky eaters, dietary restrictions, and environmental concerns make decisions seem so complicated!In this month's Domino magazine there was a woman who tried to eat locally for a month and wrote about the fact that it was hard and expensive but also delcious and satisfying. In O! Magazine, there was a woman who tried to "do everything right" for a month -- exercise, eat right, floss, … [Read more...]

Closing the barn door after the cows have left..

I just finished reading Fast Food Nation, and the book was quite disturbing. One of the most upsetting parts--the gory details of the U.S. beef industry. And now we have the largest beef recall in American History. See story here:Huge Beef recall stems from California plantThe beef industry regularly mistreats cattle and serves meat tainted with e-coli and other diseases. The entire system is set up with a drive for higher productivity, and higher profits, at the expense of safe food, safe … [Read more...]

My daughter, God is counting on your help

I thought this message from St. Josemaria Escriva, regarding the role of women, was very uplifting. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Catholic Loves

Happy Feast of St. Valentine!Like many of you, I am a 24/7, on-call, do-it-all mama! And day by day, my family and I are trying to make it in this crazy world and do so with grace, love, and reverence for our Church. Not an easy feat, by any means, and one that takes great patience and forbearance for any mother!Thankfully, we've been recently taken by a few Catholic media items that have helped in a small way to smooth over the rough patches in our day and bring us to our knees more often. … [Read more...]

Nutrition for Toddlers

“Toasties” are the kids’ name for my latest—and one of my greatest—culinary feats. These are created as follows: melt a bit of butter in nonstick skillet, break egg into saucepan and cook on both sides. Then the final step (my secret weapon) is sprinkle shredded light mozzarella on the top side… then, after melting the cheese a little, flip the cheese side down and press with spatula until the cheese is lightly toasted. Serve warm with cheese side on top. The end result is a thin egg patty concea … [Read more...]

Bloom Where You’re Planted

At 8:30 this morning my dear husband peeked into the bedroom (yes, I was still in bed...he is Mr. Incredible!)."You've got to see this!"We moved about 2 weeks ago and are loving our new home and all that came with it, including an enormous corn field in our back yard that has yet to be develped. In addition to providing a spectacle of tractors and other farm equipment that makes young boys' eyes grow wide, the field doubles as a perfect landing pad for hot air balloons.While I had been … [Read more...]

The feelings are universal

Sometimes as moms we feel so alone (except why is it that I am never alone in the bathroom?). And yet it seems that often we are all thinking along the same lines. I am thankful that this blog and others give us the chance to share the things that we might not otherwise.All around the net, moms are sharing similar sentiments about Lent. Here are a few to check out:Elizabeth FossDanielle BeanEileen's family made the crown of thorns Kat mentioned.Also, Dawn has a really beautiful Lenten Craft … [Read more...]