I just walked though the kitchen to find my dark chocolate bunny ears missing. You know, the ones I was nibbling on so as to savor the treat for more than 5 seconds. Since both boys were napping I looked incredulously at Mr. Incredible, “Did you take my chocolate bunny ears?!?!”His response: “What, is it a rule you can’t take a pregnant woman’s chocolate?”Ummm…YES!!! IT IS A RULE!!!In other food-related Easter news, I prepared Easter baskets, bought egg dye, etc…. Read more

I couldn’t resist sharing these Easter photos of my little ones 🙂 It’s hard to believe that an entire week has passed since Easter Sunday. A blessed Divine Mercy Sunday to all of you!Baby Maria in her Easter outfitC decided that he only wanted the blue and pink eggs at the Easter Egg hunt last weekend. He’s just like his daddy – I remember in college, ET and I had a 3-hour class together, and during the break ET would… Read more

Dear friends ~In light of some recent comments that have been made, I just wanted to send out a friendly reminder that, as stated in our opening post, “It is our hope that this blog will serve as a source of encouragement for all who read it…” Please remember that we are trying to encourage each other; perhaps we should all remember the old saying, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”  This… Read more

We’ve been starting to receive some email here at Building Cathedrals and aim to address all of your queries. Please don’t hesitate to write in with an issue and we’ll do our best to post on it as soon as possible. Here’s our first from reader, Katherine:”Dear Builders,I do not feel that my parish is very encouraging or supportive of mothers who choose to stay at home with their children. My pastor is not fond of small children and regularly… Read more

Here’s a great idea for a toddler service project. Check out this video. Make sure you turn the volume up first, it is very moving.Then click here, for more details.h/t to Rod Dreher at the Crunchy Con blog Read more

Texas Mommy just posted this in a comment, and it’s something I’ve been thinking about lately as well, so I’m taking the liberty to initiate a full post on the topic… what do you do to get very young children involved in acts of charity in the community?We don’t have much extra stuff right now because of our limited living space, so we don’t donate much. This is horrible, but I was deterred from nursing home visits by constant inquiries… Read more

In my brief 29 years of experience, Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition by Marilyn Shannon is the best book I have come across on nutrition for the layperson. In the book, Shannon discusses the link between diet and fertility, AND encourages some basic dietary changes for women and men. I read this book as a newlywed, and I can honestly say that it changed my life. Her book had a huge impact on my diet, my female cycles, and our ability… Read more

The house we are moving to this summer has a pool, and we have been educating ourselves on the importance of pool fences to protect our children from the drowning dangers pools pose.Alas, no fence exists to protect us from peril confronting us at the moment: We are drowning in stuff.Beginning before Halloween and ending at Easter, our relatives have fallen victim to society’s exhortations to buy stuff for our kids. In October, the stuff was candy (junk for the… Read more

If, like me, you are often found to be a day late and a dollar short then perhaps tomorrow you will listen to a free download from Catholic World Mission. The Glory Stories are wonderful, and their entire Stations of the Cross/The Passion for Children can be heard online. Read more

My parish had a special day of Reconciliation on Monday, but I didn’t make it to confession then. Today God has put it on my heart that there is still time to make the effort and receive the grace, to be reconciled with my Father in Heaven before this most sacred Feast. My kids are sick, and we will not be attending any of the Easter Triduum services, but my parish does have several times available for Confession over the… Read more

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