2015 has been a big year. There have been amazing, wonderful moments tempered by terrible things, but on the balance, for me at least, I would say it’s been a good year. Read more

Wishes, memories, and dreams: what will you release on the darkest night? Read more

Recently, I had the chance to read the newest Witches’ Almanac, the 2016-2017 issue centered on Air. Read more

A million times infinity, thank you. For everything. Read more

Magic can be found in unexpected places. Read more

May your days be merry and bright, and may we remember to love ourselves so much that there isn’t room in our hearts or minds for seasonal stress. Read more

How do you take time to honor yourself when life gets busy? Read more

Every ounce of love and light matters, now and always. Read more

Art is magic, and magic is art, and this month, I’m recommitting myself to both. Read more

Honor the dead. Bless the living. Light the darkness. Read more

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