Progressive Christian Reflections on Advent

How should progressive Christians approach Advent in light of twenty-first century knowledge? The following are four meditations based on the Annunciation account in Luke 1:

(1) “Magnificat! Learning to Sing Mary’s Song” – An excerpt: How are you being called to sing new lyrics to Mary’s Song — of hope and peace and joy and love — this Christmas and in the new year so that your soul may ever more fully magnify God?”

(2) “A Performance of Those Things Which Were ToldAn excerpt: The way we move through life, the way we interact with the world, the way we approach our place in the universe is the way that we dance with God.

(3) “Let It Be” – An excerpt: “What would Christianity look like if the focus were birth, not death; human flourishing, not suffering; and this world, not the next?” How is God inviting you in the coming days and weeks to echo some form of Mary’s words of humble openness and acceptance: “Yes, I see. I’m ready. Let it be with me just as you say.”

(4)  “Hail Mary, Full of Grace – An excerpt: How is God calling you this Advent season to slow down, open your eyes in wonder, expectantly wait for is already in the process of being born?

More Resources for a More Meaningful Advent and Christmas Season

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    Good stuff! Here’s my contribution to Advent this year:

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