A few quotes from Earthy Mysticism by William McNamara

“The mystic is not a special kind of person; every person is a special kind of mystic.”

“It is by coping creatively with the exigencies of life that we engage in the perpetual and progressive enfleshment of God. The Creator has entrusted himself to creation, to our freedom. He is always there, pure Spirit, longing to be enfleshed.”

“An old catechism holds that our reason for existence is to enjoy God forever. The Gospel message is that God had the same idea. He came to enjoy us forever.”

“There is no way to become sufficiently intellectual and educated without first becoming sensuous.”

“‘Taught’ prayer is so liable to become arbitrary and artificial that Jesus never wanted to teach it. He did something better, something that would lead inevitably and authentically into prayer. He induced his followers to live—boldly, daringly, creatively. He seduced them into the mystery. He knew that if he could inspire them to life fully, to keep them moving unself-consciously into the heart of the mystery, then he would eventually evoke from them very naturally and spontaneously a prayer of the heart.”

“Remember what St. Anthony of the desert said, ‘He prays best who doesn’t know he is praying.’”

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