Show us yer haggis!

This could be the hottest thing since the Macarena…

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Thanks to Terry Buchanan of the Clan Buchanan Society of Atlanta for pointing this one out to me. Here’s what Terry says:

This wee song is way too fun! It was released on 23rd March 2009 by Alva Academy & its associated primary schools. On 1st April 2009, just over a week later, it reached number one in the Scottish charts. The song was written by D. Clifford & S. Clyde. Enjoy the song and the video.

Hae the lyrics:
“SCOTLAND’S got a dance for you, it’s funky and it’s new,
So don yer kilts and fill yer boots, we’re bringing it to you.
You can do it on yer own, in pairs or do it in a crowd,
But wherever you do it, you gotta do it proud.
Show us your haggis, raise your right arm to the sky,
Stand on one leg, flip it round and shout ‘och aye.’
Saltire for Scotland, and hoik it to the right,
And grab yer neebors shoulder, and nessie through the night.”

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  • Davis

    I KNEW the Scottish had a sense of humor in there somewhere — thanks for the laugh

  • seekerlady

    Someone should forward this to Craig Ferguson. He loves hagis and misses it.

  • Linda Nicola

    As a proud member of Clan Buchanan (Richardson sept), I’m thrilled to see this. Its been a while since I’ve been to a clan gathering. I should post my daughter’s song about Clan Buchanan

  • Carl McColman

    Yes, please post it! I didn’t know you were a Buchanan — have you seen the pictures of me on FB, complete with my ancient Buchanan kilt? McColman (originally MacColman) is supposedly traced back to the third son of the seventh chief of the Buchanans….

  • Ron Davies

    Does anybody have the complete lyrics to “Show Us Your Haggis” including all the verses? There are quite a few people I know who are dying to sing this with the whole text. Even if you have the video, we find we can’t get all the words.


    Ron Davies

  • melody

    Where can I purchase the single?!? I love it!!!

  • Carl McColman

    According to this article, 3000 CDs were made and released back in March. I would guess that it’s sold out by now. But if you want to try to get a copy, it was available for sale through the HMV store in Stirling, and their (local) phone number is 01786 460640.

    Good luck!

  • A Renwick

    Lyrics to Show Us Your Haggis can be found almost all the way down the page at in a posting by Barbara.