Wisdom of the Christian Mystics: February 16-19, 2012 at Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, GA

Next month I’ll be leading a retreat on the “Wisdom of the Christian Mystics” at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, GA. It’s offered as part of the seminary’s certificate in spiritual formation, but you do not have to be enrolled in the certificate program in order to participate in the retreat. Register before January 13 and save 15% off the registration fee!

Here’s the link to register: http://www.ctsnet.edu/Event.aspx?areaID=1&eventID=611

If you’d like more information about the retreat, click here: https://www.facebook.com/events/208325265908521/

Here’s a video that the CTS folks made when I was on campus a few weeks back, talking about what mysticism is and how we’ll explore the topic in a retreat setting:

YouTube Preview Image

This video was filmed in the chapel at Columbia Seminary. I love the stained glass! My wife teases me because I keep looking over my glasses — the cameras were mounted high on the wall, and, well, I just kept looking over my glasses!

You can also read a short article I wrote for the CTS newsletter here: http://journeyingtogether.ctsnet.edu/Article.aspx?ID=103

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  • http://thinkunity.com John Kuykendall

    Thank you for talking about Christian Mysticism. The more we are aware of God working in and through everything, especially within ourselves, the more God’s presence can replace prior limitations and disharmonies with good.

  • http://(none) Ellen Duell

    This is a fine picture, but it’s not a video. Only one picture. Is there an actual viedo?

  • http://jodiq.wordpress.com jodiq

    Thanks for the video, you’re a gifted speaker (glasses or no). Wish I were in your neck of the woods so I could pop in and attend one of your retreats or talks. If you’re ever in Minnesota, please let it be known :)