A Prayer for the Morning

Beautiful God, Blessed Trinity, I thank you for the gift of this new day.

O God, come to my assistance. O Lord, make haste to help me.

I ask for the gift of grace today.

All that I long for can only come from you.

I ask for the gift of peace today.

Lead me to the silence deep beneath my inner turbulence.

I ask for the gift of light today.

May your resplendence shine on me, without and within, and on all people.

I ask for the gift of true repentance today.

Change my mind and give me the Mind of Christ.

I ask for the gift of holiness today.

Cleanse me from my sins and make me a new person.

I ask for the gift of love today.

Inspire me to love you and all people, from my neighbors to my enemies.

With joyful confidence and trust I pray. Amen.

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