A Pirate’s Confession and Others


I just recently found out that I’m one of the finalists for the Tuscany Prize in the Young Adult category. Octavia, the novel that I submitted, has been in the works for five years now. It’s a supernatural horror/fantasy set in contemporary Canada, about a family that is trying to live as though they are in ancient Rome. Prayers for its success are hugely appreciated.
I’ve also published about 20 short stories, flash stories and drabbles. Many of them are available on line. You can check some out here:

The Blackguard of God – This is my first published story, and it appeared in Shimmerzine’s Pirate Issue. A pirate goes to confession.

Rite of Atonement – A horror story about scape-goating and human dignity, dramatized for Pseudopod.

The Exhibition – Another story dramatized for Pseudopod. This one is about the glorification of evil and ugliness in the name of “art.”

The Dying Place – A story about death and love. My first piece with a queer protagonist. It’s not available on-line, but the anthology is reasonably priced.

The Faery Cry – An old story that I wrote for Non-Euclidian Cafe. Involves woman-turning-into-tree, which for some reason is one of my sub-conscious mind’s weird obsessions.

A Very Long Bereavement – For those who don’t have a lot of time, this is a “drabble” meaning it’s only one hundred words long. You can do more in 100 words than you might think.

Who’s Afraid of the Little Red Hood? – Another drabble. The twisted-fairy-tale thing. This and “Long Bereavement” are both at Specklit.

Schrodinger’s Zombie – As you may have guessed, a postmodern Platonic dialogue about the moral ontology of the undead. At “Tales of the Zombie War.”

With a little digging you can probably track down most of the others.



Picture credit: J. Owen http://coppervale.livejournal.com/

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