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CBB Review – Angels All Around Us : A Sightseeing Guide to the Spiritual World

I must admit when I first picked up Angels All Around Us: A Sightseeing Guide to the Invisible World I was a bit apprehensive but the author really has delivered an excellent read. Anthony DeStefano states that the book is an attempt to render the spiritual world more clearly to the reader. In the first chapter he made the following observation. That once you more familiar with the invisible realities around you will find the following to be true."1) It will be easier for you to act in sync … [Read more...]

CBB Review – Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives

Pope Benedict XVI once again delivers a powerful tome in his third and final volume of the Jesus of Nazareth series. I must admit at first glance I was slightly disappointed when seeing that the book was not even half the size of the previous two volumes. Like they say never judge a book by its cover!Pope Benedict spends part of his time in Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives setting the birth of Christ into the time line of the world. He substantiates the gospel accounts of the birth … [Read more...]

CBB Review – Where There Is God, There Is Love

In 362 pages Father Brian Kolodiejchuk has managed to pack a wealth of insight and reflection from the one and only Blessed Mother Teresa. A true saint of our times Mothers reflections in Where There Is Love, There Is God: A Path to Closer Union with God and Greater Love for Others, will surely take the reader on a path closer to God. The material, presented in the pages of this book, is generally snippets of writings throughout her life. This layout makes the book better suited for daily … [Read more...]


If you take a look to the right you will see the image for Blogging for Books. This is a wonderful program I recently stumbled upon and would like to share with you. In exchange for an honest 3 paragraph minimum review, posted on a blog as well as a book retailer website, you get free review copies of some fantastic Christian books. My primary focus on reviews will be books focusing on the Catholic Faith. To see how the program works for yourself click on the image to the right. My first review … [Read more...]