CBB Review – Where There Is God, There Is Love

CBB Review – Where There Is God, There Is Love December 5, 2012


In 362 pages Father Brian Kolodiejchuk has managed to pack a wealth of insight and reflection from the one and only Blessed Mother Teresa. A true saint of our times Mothers reflections in Where There Is Love, There Is God: A Path to Closer Union with God and Greater Love for Others, will surely take the reader on a path closer to God. The material, presented in the pages of this book, is generally snippets of writings throughout her life. This layout makes the book better suited for daily reading in small pieces and not as a full volume.

Taken in the context of daily reading this book is superb. The book is divided into five chapters; God Is Love, Jesus, What Prevents Me From Loving, Faith In Action is Love and Be A Cause Of Joy To One Another. A wide variety of topics are covered within each chapter including fighting temptation, sacrifice, humility and prayer. This book is chock full of so many little nuggets that one review cannot possibly touch upon them all.

Some reviewers have a complaint that the book is sporadic and does not flow well. I for one disagree if it is read as it was intended. I believe Father Brian’s intent as editor was to gather these various writings and thoughts of Mother, combine them into one volume, and have them used as daily reading as I suggested earlier in the review. Taken in this context you cannot go wrong in purchasing this book. It will serve as a daily companion as Mother “sets us on the path to closer union with God and greater love for our brothers and sisters” as the back cover states.

I received a copy this book from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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