Big News Once More

Big-NewsOne year ago on Nov. 29, 2012 I made my first post here at The Catholic Book Blogger. Since then I have had the opportunity to get to know some amazing authors and work with some fantastic publishers. In the last few months I was deeply humbled when Robert Moynihan asked me to join the staff of Inside the Vatican magazine. My first book review and interview were published in the current Nov. issue where he gave me a full two page spread. Today I am humbled once more.

A few weeks ago Elizabeth Scalia aka The Anchoress contacted me inquiring if I would be interested in moving my blog, The Catholic Book Blogger, over to the Patheos Catholic portal. Of course…….. I said yes (who can turn The Anchoress down???). As I type this I sit here in amazement that I will now be joining the ranks of fellow bloggers Mark Shea, Father Dwight Longenecker, Deacon Greg Kandra and Elizabeth Scalia to name a few. This has been quite a year and I look forward to whatever else God has in store for this apostolate.

Now you are probably wondering what this move means. On the surface nothing will change. I will still provide honest reviews of new releases from the Catholic publishing worlds top publishers. I will continue to interview every available author I can. That is perhaps the neatest thing I do because of the insight they provide on their books. I will also continue to work with my publishing contacts to provide Weekly Giveaways of today’s most recent releases. What this move does change is that The Catholic Book Blogger will now be available to a larger audience. I am very excited about this.

Below is the link to my new home. Thursday you will see my first book review posted there. In the coming days the archives of this blog will be moved there and when you eventually when you enter my domain name you will be forwarded there. So come join me at Patheos and lets see together what the next year has in store.

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