Church Fathers, Day 203: St. Leo the Great wants us to give credit to Peter

st_leo_the_great_3Give the credit to Peter

St. Peter still holds the authority Christ gave him, says Pope St. Leo the Great. The Pope, the successor of Peter, can lead the Church only because Peter leads through him.

The dispensation of Truth lives on. The blessed Peter, who keeps the strength of the Rock that he has received, has not abandoned the leadership of the Church that he undertook.

For he was ordained above the rest so that from his being called the Rock, from his being declared the Foundation, from his being set up as the judge to bind and loose, whose judgments will keep their validity in heaven—from all these mys­tical titles we can know the nature of his association with Christ.

And he still performs his trust today more fully and with greater effect, and carries out every part of his duty and responsibility in and through Christ, through whom he has been glorified.

And so if I do or decree anything right—if anything is won from the mercy of God by my daily prayers—it is really the work and merits of Peter, whose power lives and whose authority prevails in his See.

St. Leo the Great, Sermon 3, 3


Do I treat the leadership of the Pope as though it were the leadership of St. Peter himself ?

Have I prayed recently for the intentions of the Pope?


Lord, encourage me through the prayers of St. Peter, and may the Rock on which your Church was built help me on my way to salvation.

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