Take communion every day; Church Fathers: Day 184

st_basilFrequent communion is life many times over, says St. Basil. Offered the gift of eternal life, who wouldn’t want to go to Mass every day?

It’s good for us to commune every day, partaking of the holy body and blood of Christ. He says quite clearly, “he who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life” (John 6:54). And who can doubt that sharing in life frequently is the same as having life many times over?

I myself commune four times a week: on the Lord’s Day, on Wednesday, on Friday, and on Saturday—and on the other days if they commemorate any saint.

St. Basil, Letter 93


Do I take advantage of every opportunity I have to go to Mass?

Could I find more opportunities if I looked for them?


Father, I pray that the holy feast of the Eucharist may not bring me condemnation, but forgiveness and salvation, and that it may purify me from wrong desires and be a strong defense against evil.

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