CBB Review – The Cajun Storm: God’s Servant First

James (Jay) Toups brings to the forefront the struggles Louisiana faced in the days and months following what has become known as the Cajun Storm. Haven’t heard of it? Not surprising, as the media and government largely ignored the devastation wrought by this once in a thousand year flood that struck in August 2016. Jay writes about the tragedy and the triumph in his latest book The Cajun Storm: God's Servant First.As I worked my way through this book I was at first overwhelmed by the size o … [Read more...]

Angels are bound to the Gospel: Angels: Day 132

The Donatists were a schismatic sect that called itself the only true Church. St. Augustine warns that no one—not even an angel—can truly preach any gospel but the gospel Christ preached to us.You were kind enough to tell us about the letter sent to you by a Donatist priest—although, with the spirit of a true Catholic, you hold it in contempt. So, to help you in seeking his welfare (assuming that his folly isn’t incurable), we beg you to forward to him the following reply.He wrote that an … [Read more...]

CBB Review: Prayer in the Catholic Tradition

Review by Michele Craig In his book Prayer in the Catholic Tradition: A Handbook of Practical Approaches Robert J. Wicks states , “One of the most rewarding experiences for Catholics happens when they begin to discover the amazing scope of the approaches to prayer in the Catholic tradition.” I wholeheartedly agree! Furthermore, Robert asks, “What if there were a single resource that both adult Catholics and those who minister to them (priests, vowed religious, seminarians, permanent deacons, l … [Read more...]

Don’t listen even to an angel preaching heresy; Angels: Day 131

St. Paul warned the Galatians  not to listen even to an angel from Heaven if  he preached any gospel other than what  they had already heard. Could a heavenly angel actually do that? No, says St. Vincent of Lerins. But St. Paul means that, even if  the impossible  did happen, we should never deviate from the one gospel.These people were wandering around in provinces and cities, carrying their venal errors with them. Some of them had found their way to Galatia, and when the Galatians heard the … [Read more...]

Angels hate chastising us; Angels: Day 130

The angels are sometimes ministers of God’s just chastisement. But they don’t like it, St. Ambrose tells us. Remember, he says,  that the angels in Heaven rejoice over the salvation of  even one sinner.And shouldn’t we believe that the angels themselves, who in the toils of this world fulfill various ministries, as we read in the Revelation of St. John, also groan when they’re made the ministers of vengeance and destruction? Since their life is blessed, wouldn’t they rather spend it in their … [Read more...]

Being punished is not an evil; Angels: Day 129

Are the angels evil when they punish sinners? No, says Dionysius  the Areopagite: what is evil is not being justly punished when we have earned punishment.Evil does not exist in the angels. By participation, the angel is in a second- ary degree what God, whom he announces, is in the first degree as Cause. If the angel who has the likeness of good proclaims the goodness of God, then the angel is a likeness of Almighty God: a manifestation of the unmanifested Light—an untarnished mirror, as cle … [Read more...]