CBB Review: Racketeer for Life

Joseph Scheidler is an important figure in the pro-life movement. If you have never heard of him, than you are missing out on a key part of the last 40 years of pro-life activism. Joe is the founder and National Director of the Pro-Life Action League. He has been can the godfather of pro-life activism and now you can read his story in his new book Racketeer for Life: Fighting the Culture of Death from the Sidewalk to the Supreme Court.Whether you find yourself an active participant of the … [Read more...]

God leads us past the angels to himself; Angels: Day 188

The angels are immortal and blessed, says St. Augustine, but it’s not their nature that we will share in Heaven. By becoming a man, God leads us to share the nature of  the Trinity, which is the very source of  the angels’ immortality and blessedness. I do not say that Christ is Mediator because he is the Word, for as the Word he is supremely blessed and supremely immortal, and therefore far from miserable mortals. But he is Mediator because he is man. By his humanity he shows us tha … [Read more...]

Christ was made less than angels; Angels: Day 187

Arguing against heretics who denied that the Son was  equal to the Father, St. Ambrose marvels at the pride of  people who would judge God. Yet the most wonderful thing of all is not that the Son is equal to the Father, but that he made himself  less than the angels for our sake.They say he is inferior: I ask, who has measured it? Who has such an extravagantly proud heart, as to place the Father and the Son before his judgment seat to decide upon which is the greater? “My heart is not haug … [Read more...]

YOU can help Pope Francis help the poor

Have you heard of the new giving platform from the Pontifical Mission Societies? It provides a unique opportunity for you to help those around the world in the greatest of need.Pope Francis continues to call upon us to serve the poor and those most in need of hope and healing.Catholics have long expressed their solidarity with the poor through their support of the Pontifical Mission Societies. Now, thanks to a dynamic, new crowdfunding platform called MISSIO, people with a heart for … [Read more...]

Demons recognize Christ but do not know him; Angels: Day 186

Christ revealed enough of  himself  to the demons so that they would fear and obey him, says St. Augustine. But they didn’t know him the way he is known by the holy angels, who love his righteousness and share his eternal life.The devils themselves knew this manifestation of God so well that they said to the Lord, though he was clothed with the infirmity of flesh, “What have you to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us?” (Mark 1:24).From these words, it is clear that … [Read more...]

At his humblest, Christ was served by angels; Angels: Day 185

There’s  no contradiction, says  St. Ambrose, between saying that Christ was humble and saying that he was Lord of all the powers of Heaven. The Incarnation, though it made him a humble human being, did not affect his divinity.Let us not be troubled if we find the Son of Man called mighty in one place, and yet read in another that the Lord of glory was crucified. What might is greater than sovereignty over the powers of Heaven? But this sovereignty was in the hands of him who ruled over Thro … [Read more...]