Podcast #6: Playing Mario to the Glory of God

On a dark, cold night in December, Rich and his wife camped outside of Best Buy on a whim. After braving the cold for eight hours (and you better believe his wife got the sleeping back), they left the store with a Wii… and it was totally worth it.

Or was it? If the iPhone is overrated, is the Wii the truly revolutionary invention of the decade? Can a video game truly embrace community, or are the two concepts mutually exclusive?

Well, David’s skeptical. And so are you. But in this episode of Christ and Pop Culture, Rich tries to explain the lure of such a machine, and explains how it’s made his life just a little bit more fulfilling.

Show Notes:
Next week we begin our consistent, more structured version of CAPC. Twice a week we’ll put out episodes that are hopefully more up-to-date and beneficial.

Show topics to look forward to: The Emmys, 3:10 to Yuma, and more!

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