Podcast #18: Virtual Communities

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The concept of spending time with and getting to know people is as old as humanity, but recently that concept has been turned on its head. All of a sudden, it is claimed, we have the ability to relate to one another without even being in the same country. With the advent of various communication devices, most notably the internet and its accompanying breakthroughs, the concept of “virtual community” has become a commonly acceptable notion.

But is it really possible to have quality time, make friends, build relationships or fall in love over the internet? And if not, what is all of this good for, anyway? We’ll address these questions, plus list our top five “virtual communities” in today’s episode of the Christ and Pop Culture Podcast!

Here’s the links to some sites mentioned on our show:

Reformation 21
Ask Metafilter
Third Avenue Baptist Church
Dead Yet Living (Now pretty much just dead)

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