Can A Family of Aliens Teach Us To Enjoy Life?

It would be safe to say that most of us experience the harsh realities of life. To say that “life is hard” would indeed be an understatement. But to characterize all of life as hard would be wrong, and perhaps some people simply take life and themselves too seriously. Thankfully “TV Land” is bringing back a show that will remind us all of just how silly life, and we ourselves, can be.

Third Rock from the Sun was a hilarious 90s sitcom featuring four aliens who come to earth to study its inhabitants and their life. What unfolds in each episode are their mishaps and misunderstanding of the culture. For example, one of my favorite episodes features Sally’s first visit to the dentist. The doctor rinses out her mouth and then asks her to “spit,” holding out small bucket. She, in response, turns her head and spits all over the dentists shirt. Each episode features similar events where the aliens try to understand emotions, language, love, and life in general.

The show is in some ways a typical sitcom, interested largely in relationships and sex. But it also provides plenty of oppurtunities for us to laugh at ourselves and the silly things that human beings do. Christians need to remember that while we do live in a sinful world, life is not all seriousness and sorrow. There is plenty to laugh at and enjoy in this life, and Third Rock reminds us of that. It also reminds us of the simplest pleasures. As the aliens go through life the simplest things seem to excite and thrill them. We could all learn alot from the Solomons, and Christians particularly need to remember that it is God we should take seriously. Maybe if we don’t take ourselves so seriously we will start responding to Him more appropriately.

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