The CaPC Podcast #100: The Christian and the Illegal Immigrant

The CaPC Podcast #100: The Christian and the Illegal Immigrant

This week’s podcast features new hosts: CaPC editor, Drew Dixon and writer, Brad Williams. This week Brad and Drew discuss Christians’ responsibility toward illegal immigrants in their midst. The Supreme Court of Alabama recently ruled in favor of new legislation that imposes greater restrictions on illegal immigrants.

Brad and Drew live in Albertville, Al which has a large Hispanic population. The New York Times recently reported on the many Hispanic families that are leaving Albertville due to the new legislation. Brad also recently wrote on how we should think about illegal immigrants and our responsibility to such people as Christians. They discuss the responsibility to both uphold the law and to love our neighbor as well as what to do when those two laws are in conflict.

Every week, various Christ and Pop Culture writers delve deeper into recent articles and address some of the bigger issues in popular culture.

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  • Ben Bartlett

    Hey guys,

    Great job! Thanks very much. I have two quick additional comments in support of the many terrific points you guys raised.

    First, I know one common criticism of illegal immigrants is that there are many men who live here apart from their families in Mexico. They work, live frugally, and send as much money as they possibly can home to their families. This means they don’t help the local economy as much as a citizen filling that job. At the same time, they cost hospitals enormous amounts of money if they are injured on the job, because they don’t have insurance and cannot pay hospital bills.

    To me, though, the problem is that they do this because they don’t feel able to gain citizenship. If our country were more welcoming and thoughtfully welcoming to workers AND their families, I think we’d be able to grow our working population and its contributions to the economy in a much more healthy way.

    The other thought is that I am amazed at how welcoming we can be of refugees while staying angry at illegal immigrants. Our government goes out of its way to help refugees from nations all over the world where brutal regimes expel particular classes or races. But Mexico is basically a war zone in a lot of areas right now… you’d think we could have more compassion for those who are looking to escape that environment, viewing them as refugees rather than lawbreakers.

    Anyways, great job on the podcast and thanks for the thoughtful discussion.

  • Jennifer Dixon

    Great podcast. You have given me many things to think about on the issue. I appreciate your perspective.

  • Those are all great points Ben–I agree with you on both counts. I hope this helps people think of immigration “reform” in a new light.

    I think Brad referred to them as “law breakers” because as our law currently reads that is indeed the case. I would hope though that Christians see beyond that and that we realize that many of them are indeed refugees. I was actually thinking about this this morning–most of the people who are leaving AL are not going back to Mexico or wherever. Why is that? If I had lived there in Mexico, I would not go back either. I wouldn’t. And I think if most people are honest and have actually seen what life is like in many parts of Mexico, they would not go back either. All that to say, your use of the word “refugee” is apt. As was pointed out–there are other, perhaps greater, laws at play here, namely love of neighbor and care for the sojourner or “refugee” in our midst.

  • @Jennifer Dixon,


  • Kevin Parnell

    The immigration law only treats the symptom! We as Americans need to stop treating the symptom and treat the illness. That illness that we have created is an entitlement society, and a shortage in work force created by abortion. Since Roe vs Wade over 53,000,000 babies (would now be workers, tax payers, etc.) have been killed. Americans are now trying to fix this illness by treating the symptom. All americans including christians have contributed to this illness! Bottom line is SIN has consequences for all generations!