The CaPC Podcast #101: Followers of Steve, the Cult of Apple

Podcast #101: Followers of Steve, the Cult of Apple

With the death of Steve Jobs, Christians find themselves asking “Whyyyy???!!!” then “Why do I care so much?” then “Well why wouldn’t I care so much, he’s kind of a big deal?” then “Well isn’t everyone kind of a big deal in their own way?” and so on until it coalesces into a communal shame spiral that plays out on Twitter, Facebook, and around water coolers (they still make those, right?). This week, editor-in-chief Richard Clark and associate editors Jason Morehead and Erin Straza discuss the death of Steve Jobs, whether Apple products are implicitly better, and what benefits and dangers technology in general thrusts onto us as Christians.

Note: due to technical difficulties, there is no fancy intro music this episode. Sorry!

Further Reading:
Thank You, Steve

Podcast #84: Ben and Rich discuss their opinion of Steve Jobs’ desire to keep iPhone users “free from porn.”
Is Apple Making Us Discontent?

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