The CaPC Podcast #99: Discussing Politics Without Ruining Dinner

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That’s right, it’s the return of the Christ and Pop Culture Podcast. While we’re hoping to provide conversations between all kinds of CaPC writers (more on that next week), we’re starting the relaunch with the classic duo: Ben Bartlett and Richard Clark.

This week, they kick things off by candidly discussing Richard’s recent Feature about the past and future of the site, Christ and Pop Culture: Already and Not Yet.

After that, they focus in on the nature of political discussion. Together they discuss just how important it is for Christians to engage in, and how they can do so without coming across as that guy.

Every week, various Christ and Pop Culture writers delve deeper into recent articles and address some of the bigger issues in popular culture.

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  • Blake

    Nice! Glad to see the podcast is back!

  • Nick

    I enjoyed this, guys. Well done!

  • Richard Clark

    Thanks guys!