Podcast #104: MacArthur's "Encouragement" for the Young, Restless, and Reformed

Podcast #104: MacArthur’s “Encouragement”

John MacArthur has recently been giving advice to the “Young, Restless, and Reformed” (YRR) a growing group of Calvinistic young people who currently make up a large percentage of America’s evangelicals. Contributor Brad Williams and editor Drew Dixon take a closer look at a recent video in which MacArthur attempts to list “three clear concerns” about the YRR movement. Brad and Drew try to get to the bottom of who this group actually is and discuss MacArthur’s concerns. Pastors are called to higher standards of rhetoric—does this video represents the type of rhetoric churches should promote?

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  • Amy Webb

    I really enjoyed the Podcast. I thought you guys made some excellent points while being both gracious and respectful. I remember the first time I ever disagreed with MacArthur, I had a stomach ache for a couple of days. I appreciate his bluntness and straighforwardness as well, but we who preach the Doctrines of Grace should seek to be gracious, and we already battle a reputation of superiority and arrogance. The car alarm was by far my favorite moment.

  • Thanks Amy! Glad you listened to it and like it!

    I do think “reformed” folks often struggle with their rhetoric–this is something I have noticed several times with MacArthur and for whatever reason (perhaps because of his wisdom and track record of faithfully preaching the Bible or perhaps because of his celebrity) people never really call him out on it.

    I have tremendous respect for MacArthur–I think I should be able to say what I did and maybe perhaps even more and still retain that respect. Glad to hear that you felt we did that because that was certainly the goal.

    Anyway thanks again! And if you are ever board and have nothing to do up in Georgia–write a review of the podcast on iTunes! ;)