A Call for Writers

Think you’ve got what it takes to write for Christ and Pop Culture? Well, we’ve got two opportunities for you.

First, we’re always looking for feature pitches. Anyone can pitch these. If you have an idea for a CaPC feature, email a 1-2 paragraph explanation of what you’d like to write to christandpopculture@gmail.com, with the subject line “Feature Pitch”. Please also include links to your best previously written works so far. Once a piece is published, we’ll offer a small payment as a token of appreciation.

Second, we’re also looking for new regular writers who feel confident and excited about writing about the intersection of the Christian faith and popular culture. Here are some of the things we’re looking for in prospective writers:

  • A commitment to what some call “evangelical theology”. That is, the infallibility of scripture, justification by faith alone, original sin, the historicity of the crucifixion and resurrection, etc.
  • An interest in popular culture.
  • A reason to take you seriously. We would like those writing to have some experience that contributes to our site. We are excited about taking on new writers but you’ll need to make your case.

Each regular writer will be expected to write either three “Of The Moment” posts a week, or one column and one “Of the Moment” piece a week. Columns are only offered to especially proven writers. Regular writers also have priority when it comes to pitching features. Finally, you’ll also be a part of an active and dynamic community of writers.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, just email us at christandpopculture@gmail.com with the subject line “Writing App”. Include some information about yourself, three examples of your work (via URL or copy/pasted into the email), and a brief description of your most valued theological beliefs.

If you have any further questions, please email us or leave a comment below.

We only provide monetary compensation for features, but we also provide the opportunity to be part of a gifted team of writers who are interested in making a great site about the things they love. Many of our writers have gone on to write for Christianity Today, Paste, Relevant, Kill Screen, Filmwell, and Think Christian (to name a few). We take seriously our responsibility to our writers, and we consider growing and helping our writers to be one of our primary goals.

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  • Richard Clark

    Some have asked what we mean by the infallibility of scripture. To help flesh the idea out a bit, here’s a passage, from the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy:

    “Holy Scripture, being God’s own Word, written by men prepared and superintended by His Spirit, is of infallible divine authority in all matters upon which it touches: it is to be believed, as God’s instruction, in all that it affirms, obeyed, as God’s command, in all that it requires; embraced, as God’s pledge, in all that it promises.”

  • Thanks, expect an email soon.

  • Can you offer some info about how compensation would be taxed?