Who’s to Blame for Lindsay Lohan’s Bad Behavior?

A single internet search for “Lindsay Lohan” yields dozens of articles that reveal this girl is in trouble. From the headlines, it appears that the only thing bringing her attention is her foolish behavior. She gets into bar fights. She was cast for a film but had trouble keeping the gig because of her childish behavior. The paparazzi follow her around, not because she’s a celebrity with work, but because she’s tabloid material to them. People are just watching and waiting for her to mess up again; she’s become a joke in today’s society.

One article made this observation about the state of Lohan’s life:

I can’t tell you how many people have said to me over the past few months, “I really wish she would just go away and get help.” Whatever it is. We don’t know what her problems are. Those are very personal issues she’s dealing with. And whatever that is, even on just a human level, whether you’re a fan or a journalist or you’re just an impartial observer, you have to want someone to get healthy and take care of themselves.

You can read the entire article here. Even this person can recognize that there is something that needs to be fixed in Lindsay’s life — but they’re missing the source. It’s not because of her father (as her mother claims) or her mother (as her father claims). Whether or not the majority of people reading these articles actually recognize Lindsay’s behavior as sinful, that’s what it is and it’s destroying her life. Lindsay may indeed be sick and have issues we will never really know about, but her greatest problem is a sinful, unrepentant heart that needs the grace of God.

Secular culture doesn’t really see it that way, so it makes sense that they are waiting for her to act like a fool. They may at times respond with genuine concern (see the article above), but more often than not, they seek to mock her life and showcase her as foolish. When a Christian sees a Lindsay Lohan headline, a right response would be to mourn and pray for this soul who needs a Savior. After all, we know this need to have been true of our own lives, as well.

The greatest need of fallen humanity was met in Jesus Christ when he died on the cross to rescue it from sin and depravity. This is for us, and it’s true for Lindsay Lohan. Let us pray for her and trust the power of the gospel to change even this life.

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  • dudemancentral

    Wow, this the most judgemental piece I’ve seen in a long time. Do you actually know Lindsay? I mean personally, do you know her?? Get off your high horse, this is the kind of thnking that gives religion a bad name. Just because Jewel is a believer doesn’t make it ok for her to write negative things about people she doesnt even know. That is not good christian values.. Look up the words righteous and zealot..

  • Rev. Mitchell

    Use your god given talents for good things.
    Spreading gosip is not a good thing.

  • Jamison

    Woah now Dude and Rev. Mitchell), I think Jewel might be making a point you guys missed. First off, saying someone is a sinner is a corollary of Romans 3:23 and a belief held amongst all Christians. I’ll be the first to admit that phrases like “unrepentant heart” are a bit loaded and might need to be unpacked prior to being used (or just avoided). But I think Jewel’s overall point was not to put Lohan in a place below her but to put Lohan into the place where all of humanity is, something we all should think about before we mock someone because of their debauchery.

    And Rev. Mitchell, I thought the same thing at first. Why is CAPC endorsing an article centered around tabloid media? However, even if Christians refuse to take part in gossip, that doesn’t negate the fact that tabloids are a real part of pop culture. It may not even be a pretty part of pop culture but shouldn’t we discuss how Christians should react when we see magazine covers or read links to TMZ. As far as Lohan is concerned, I think Jewel is right when she notes that media treats her as a punching bag. This is something I’m aware of without even seeking out articles on Lohan. And as I said before, I may think that some of the phrases used in the article are in line with “shoot Christians say”, I still think the overall point was worthy of discussion.