Dow Jones Hits Record High! Politicians Worry about Economy

Facebook is where Chicken Little lives. Each day, I am bombarded with messages about the different doomsday scenarios we are faced with as Americans. From gun control, to the decisions of the President, to the incompetence of Congress—my Facebook feed is a steady stream of how terrible things are right now. This also includes how the economy is crashing, the debt cannot possibly be paid off, and that the $85 billion dollar sequester is going to get everyone laid off of work and ruin everything forever. If Facebook weren’t enough, it would appear that most media outlets agree. We are, in fact, doomed.

And then I woke up today and found out the Dow Jones Industrial average hit its highest mark ever at 14,283. That’s higher than it was in 2007 before the housing bubble burst. The news prompted this thought: Perhaps people are whipping things into a frenzy in order to get eyes on their articles and votes for their campaigns.

Nah, it couldn’t be that, could it?

Being consumed by worry is a curse, and it might be helpful for some of us if we would stop listening people who profit from peddling it.

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