Two Years Ago, Best Buds Debated Rob Bell and His Message

Two years ago, we had two good friends who were diametrically opposed to one another on the issue of Rob Bell, his book, and his ministry use Christ and Pop Culture as a venue to discuss their thoughts and concerns. What resulted was a dialogue about Rob Bell’s Love Wins that stood out from other reactions on either side. It was thoughtful, fair, civil, and illuminating. From the introductory editor’s note I wrote back then:

Christ and Pop Culture writer, Ben Bartlett and guest-writer, Kiel Hauck, two friends who spend their Friday nights playing video and board games in between heated theological, social, and political discussions, have come together to hammer out their thoughts about a book that seems to have most other evangelicals shutting down lines of communication, intentionally or not.

Obviously, it’s just as relevant a discussion today. We thought you might be interested in reading the whole thing. Here you go.

Read part 1 – Preliminary Discussion.
Read part 2 – Chapter 1 & Introduction.
Read part 3 – Chapter 2
Read part 4 – Chapter 3
Read part 5 – Chapter 4
Read Part 6 – Chapter 5

Read Part 7 – Chapter 6
Read Part 8 – Chapter 7
Read Part 9 – Conclusion 

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