ELSEWHERE: A Respectful Conversation About Gays In The Church? Did That Really Happen?

What happens when a gay Christian activist meets five conservative Evangelical Christian pastors to discuss the question, “Can LGBT Christians be reconciled with the Church?” Disagreement and irreconcilable differences? Sure. But also lots of honest, respectful, and even loving discussion. Via The Slacktivist.

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  • Esther Starr

    Interesting. I would have liked to hear the writer parse out the phrase “It just does not work” a little more. Precisely what does he mean by “work”? By “not working,” he seems to mean “lonely, painful, unhappy, dying to self.”

    What if the saints and martyrs of the past had stopped on their road to further pain and suffering to say, “I’m sorry. This is just not working” and given up? No, there’s a cross for everyone.