ELSEWHERE: Expelled for Atheists

Do you all remember that documentary Expelled with Ben Stein? If you don’t, it was a pretty popular film explaining Intelligent Design. Well, atheist buddies Richard Dawkins (author of The God Delusion) and Lawrence Krauss (author of A Universe from Nothing) are making their own film called The Unbelievers and it seems to be arguing the polar opposite. Is it going to be any good? Stay tuned.

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Chris Hutton is a college student and Freelance Writer from Bloomington Minnesota. Since he was young, he loved books and ideas. Science was one of his favorite topics, as well as technology. It's one of the issues that has mattered to him consistently. Hence, Chris tries to bring a critical/helpful take to the modern understanding of technology. You can find Chris' home online at liter8.net, or you can tweet him via @liter8media.

  • http://newreligionandculturedaily.com/2013/05/01/dawkins-science-has-ways-of-shutting-that-whole-thing-down/ Ryan

    Hard to see it being good.

  • Jade

    “Its nice to be important but its important to be nice”, well for anyone interested in the matter, by the looks of the trailer this doco is going to be extremely large publicity and promotion for the atheist movement, who are represented by an articultate group of intelligent men who have their own agenda. I feel vindicated by their agenda however I am not going to let it come between me and God. For those of us who are working in our commuities and in our churches, living in the truth of Christianity how are we to respond? I come into contact with atheists all the time and it only seems to bring me closer to my Saviour, Jesus Christ. I remember my life before I was Christian, the world was a frightening place. It has only been through God’s grace that my life has been filled with light. It has only been through prayer that I have been able to understand the role I play on earth right now at this exact moment in time and in relation to those who are on the earth with me. In this sense I pray for athesists to come to know the Lord – and to walk in the light and love of the one true Saviour Jesus Christ but I can’t help but think they are arrogant and mean, forgive me, but they don’t seem to know the role they play and how divisive it is.