Podcast #119: Shameless Plugs, Psychopathic Brains, and Sports Madness

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In the episode of the CaPC podcast, editors Brad Williams and Drew Dixon shamelessly plug CaPC’s new iPad app (which you should go straight to the Apple app store and subscribe to), and they talk about important things like psychotic brains and the madness of sports.  You should check it out.

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About Brad Williams

Brad is the pastor of a Baptist church in a small town in Alabama. Brad has a lovely wife, two children, two dogs, a cat, a turtle, and five bee hives. Besides the incredible fact that he managed to persuade his wife to marry him, he is proud that he served six years in the Army National Guard, managed to graduate college with an English Lit. degree, graduate seminary, and finish the original Bard's Tale as a youngster by making maps on graph paper.