ELSEWHERE: What’s Your Major Worth?

For anyone who still needs it, here’s a study by an economist at Georgetown University offering further evidence that the liberal arts are becoming less and less practical as a career choice. Instead, surprise surprise, engineering and computer science are at the top of the list of lucrative college majors, with liberal arts majors, social work, and psychology near the bottom. The full study is available on Georgetown’s website.

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Ethan McCarthy lives in Highwood, Illinois, with his wife Jenni and their two children. They like literature, music, and listening to the Atlanta Braves on the radio. He currently works in an elementary school special education classroom.

  • Luke Gleaves

    I wonder if it includes graduate level degrees too? For example, I graduated from a Liberal Arts school for undergrad, and then went on to grad school (Seminary). Many of my classmates used the solid foundation provided by undergrad to get into Law School, Med School or other graduate level programs that will ensure they make more money down the road.