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Supreme Justice: Engaging Culture Through the New Court Term

October brings with it many things:  changing leaves, the crispness of the first month of Fall, Halloween, and the World Series. A lesser known but important event graces this month as well. October marks the time when our nation’s highest court re-convenes after several months of recess. Though the Summer saw continued movement in the Presidential race and between competing forces in the Executive and Legislative branches, the Judicial branch remained in silent repose.This repose may appear ev … [Read more...]

Taking Dr. King Even More Seriously

This summer, the long-awaited memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. opened in Washington, DC. This event renews efforts to venerate the man for his extraordinary accomplishments. King is rightly praised for his fight against segregation in the South, which he did via non-violent means. Furthermore, he is rightly praised for his elegant rhetoric, which is filled with vivid metaphors and soaring prose.But his most thoughtful contribution was not a speech. It was a letter he wrote while in jail … [Read more...]

Clarity and Charity: Bachmann's Faith and Christian Community

The Iowa Straw Poll is pointless. Or is it? On the one hand, it distributes no delegates for a party's Presidential nomination, its voter involvement encompasses less than twenty thousand persons, and the entire event is seen as a glorified fundraiser for the Iowa GOP. On the other hand, the Iowa Straw Poll does matter. It tests the enthusiasm and organizational skill of the participating candidates. It can pull the plug on a struggling campaign, as it did for former Minnesota Governor Tim … [Read more...]

A Time to Choose: Debt Ceilings, Medicare, and Competing Visions of America's Future

The great debate currently consuming Washington concerns the question of raising the debt ceiling. House Republicans remain in intense talks with the White House over how to address the problem, bringing to the forefront pressing political impasses and the differing solutions that each side offers. Whether we live out our calling to love our neighbor depends on whether we seriously contemplate and act upon these solutions.What is the debt ceiling? It is the limit set by law to how much the … [Read more...]

Know Your Limitations: the Great and Not So Great Jon Stewart

On Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” one of Jon Stewart’s favorite targets of ridicule is Fox News, so his appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” to be interviewed by Chris Wallace, presented the opportunity for inevitable fire-works and potentially good television. The conversation between Wallace and Stewart brought up several topics of note, including the importance of genres, the dangers of blurring them, and similar cautions for ourselves as viewers.I find Stewart’s “The Daily Show” to be one o … [Read more...]


The release of President Obama’s birth certificate has been hailed as a victory for the unlikeliest of Presidential candidates. This candidate, I’m sure you’ve guessed, is none other than Donald Trump—CEO, real estate developer, and star of NBC’s The Apprentice.Of course we don’t really know if Trump is running for President. This age of frivolous celebrity seeks all routes to garnering attention, however fleeting; such a stunt could amount to little more than a few reels for a reality show.I … [Read more...]

When Our Heroes Fail: The Case of Jim Tressel

My love for all things Ohio State pre-dates conscious memory. I remember in 1995 going to my first football game. The band marched onto the field with military precision, 100,000+ clapping in unison to its rythmn section. Cold chills ran through me as I felt the pulsations ending in an eruption when the drum major bent backwards and touched his head to the ground. Eddie George, who would go on to win the Heisman that year, ran all over the field that game. I recall the many ensuing triumphs, l … [Read more...]

The Illegitimacy of Oppression: How Can Christians Think About the Egyptian Revolt?

“Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it.” That famous and oft-repeated statement best describes the caution emanating from many countries watching Egypt’s unfolding turmoil. This caution rightly results from the complexity of the situation. Egypt’s present government is far from democratic. It contains only one viable political party and gives few protections to its people to live and speak freely. Many have been arrested or received other terrible treatment by the government in resp … [Read more...]

Being Presidential

If you haven't already heard, seen, or read it, I commend to you President Obama's speech regarding the Tucson shootings. It is well-said and strikes the kind of tone that is Presidential in the best sense. While he cannot escape day-to-day battles that are partisan and political, it is good and right to seize this moment to rise above them, to show how even in a time of deep divides, we can have a President of  the United States, not a mere party leader. He rose above partisan politics by re … [Read more...]

Meloncholy and the Infinite Madness: Tucson's Horror and the Brokenness of Mental Illness

The horror from Tucson is unlikely to leave our minds anytime soon. Fine public servants—including a Democratic congresswoman and a conservative judge—were despicably shot by Jared Loughner in broad daylight. Though bad enough, these casualties did not encompass the entire carnage. A sweet little girl also fell to this man’s gunfire, never to rise again, at least in this life.The gunning down of fellow citizens and of public servants presents us with evil as old as Cain’s killing of Abel. That … [Read more...]