Living the Christian Tension: Keller and VanDrunen on Christian Cultural Engagement

Christianity welcomes its adherents to a tension. It is the tension of being in the world but not of the world. It is the tension of being a community set apart as the Bride of Christ and being a part of the ethnicities, nations, and families whose membership does not preclude unbelievers. From Biblical times to the present, the best means of living out this tension has caused discussion and disagreement in Christ’s Body. The last few months are no exception. Two recent books by Christian t … [Read more...]

"Sister Wives": Are We Really Loving to be Watching?

“Creepy, wrong, and fascinating.” So went a friend’s description of TLC’s new reality show, “Sister Wives.” Its episodes follow Kody Brown, a polygamist who adheres to a small, fundamentalist strain of Mormonism. Though normally keeping to the shadows (polygamy is, for the time being, still illegal), Brown and his merry band of spouses agreed to a program that films their nearly every move.The show presents a now common theme in family-centered reality shows. The family you watch will contain m … [Read more...]

The Nastiest Election Ever!(?)

Every election cycle we hear about how nasty the discourse of our politics has become. We also tend to hear that low-brow, negative attacks have reached all-new lows in an ever-descending discourse.This video from shows that such talk is historically ill-informed. It shows that our current negativity is trumped by the election of 1800. The Federalist vs. the Democratic-Republicans, John Adams vs. Thomas Jefferson, was intensely personal and bitter. I would also add that politics … [Read more...]

Text and Image: How Biblical Art Points us to Worship

Art, in the strict sense of created images, often passes by my eyes with little effect. I respect true ability in this area. I wish I could see in paintings and sculptures the multi-layers of meaning and creativity. Yet my few experiences in art museums or galleries often become long day dreams awaiting the end of the visit.Recently, my normal encounters with art were push aside. Baylor University currently displays the collections of two artists, Marc Chagall and Georges Rouault, whose … [Read more...]

In Praise of the New Republic

I wanted to bring attention to the article "The Moral Case for Soaking the Rich" on the New Republic's website. This article was written by Jonathan Cohn, one of NR writers. In it, Cohn makes gives two "moral" reasons for raising taxes on those with higher incomes. First, he states that the wealth they have amassed must have contained some element of luck. Therefore, what they have gained was not gained entirely by hard work and thus is in some sense unjust. Since it is unjust, they have no … [Read more...]

Tea Party Racists…or Elite Condescention?

A study of signs held at a recent Tea Party rally show that 5% mentioned President Obama's religion or race. Instead, the vast portion of the signs argued for limited government, lower taxes, or attacked President Obama in his official capacity as Chief Executive.This information is important due to the fact that a full 25% of media coverage of these events focused on the supposed racist element of the Tea Party. I think such a characterization of this loosely collected group is unfair and … [Read more...]

Tolerating the Intolerables: Should the First Amendment Protect Westboro Baptist?

“Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech.” These words remain one of the most revered clauses in the United States Constitution. They are also some of the most controversial. How far do free speech rights extend? What kinds of speech are and are not covered?These questions continue to be raised in a case currently before the Supreme Court, Snyder v. Phelps. The facts pertain to the infamous Westboro Baptist Church, whose members are predominately the family of the church’s pa … [Read more...]

Should Christians Celebrate the Constitution?

Today, September 17, is a monumental date in history. It is the anniversary of an event, now 223 years old, that continues to shape our nation and our world as much as any other occurrence. If this date does not ring an immediate bell, it is the day we celebrate the signing of the United States Constitution. After four brutal summer months spent debating in a hot, stuffy Independence Hall, our nation’s governing document was finally forged. Its subsequent history makes it one of the most read a … [Read more...]

Tragedy in the Shadow of a Milestone

Last week the Cincinnati Reds celebrated the 25th anniversary of 4192—the number of career hits Pete Rose collected by September 11, 1985. The mark established Rose as the player with the most hits in Major League history. It is a mark that no current baseball player appears capable of surpassing, a mark that will stand for a long time to come.During the remembrances and festivities, this piece came out about Eric Show, the pitcher who gave up the recording setting hit. The article is long but … [Read more...]

Clear as Mud: The Gospel in Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" Rally

Among the political news of the weekend was the “Restoring Honor” rally headed up by Glenn Beck in front of the Lincoln Memorial. The event’s attendance has been cited as anywhere between 300,000 and 500,000 persons. It also included many known cultural personalities, from baseball’s Albert Pujols to Sarah Palin to Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King, Jr.While much I will have to say about the rally contains criticisms, I should note that there were definite good elements present. The focu … [Read more...]