Wallis v. Olasky Concluded

As I mentioned the dust-up between Jim Wallis and Marvin Olasky a little bit ago, I thought I'd give this quick update. Wallis has since apologized to Olasky for saying that he lies for a living, saying he should never speak such words about "a brother in Christ." He also asked for Olasky's forgiveness. Olasky responded that he was glad to talk to Wallis and happy to see Christians following Matthew 18 in resolving conflict.After being pretty rough on his first comments, I thought Wallis … [Read more...]

Stem-Cell Research Goes to Court

This week Judge Royce Lamberth of the District Court for Washington, DC, issued a temporary injunction halting the enforcement of President Obama’s stem-cell executive order from last year. If you do not recall, this order reversed President Bush’s ban on using human embryos for such research. I spoke to President Obama’s decision and reasoning on CAPC last year and will not rehearse those arguments again. However, I do think this ruling is worth noting.The decision is based on statutory inter … [Read more...]

"Chasing Mummies" Chasing the Wind

I’m curious as to how many of our readers watch the newish History Channel program, “Chasing Mummies.” It features Egyptologist Zahi Hawass as he takes a team to explore mummies and their crypts in the land of the Pharaohs.The show seems to expose in rather dissonant fashion the tension if not outright contradiction the History Channel tries to maintain nowadays for ratings purposes. On one hand, the show explains a good bit of actual discoveries regarding ancient Egypt and their relig … [Read more...]

Different Politics, Same Story

I’ve always found Jim Wallis unimpressive. My first encounter came when he spoke at my undergrad university in 2006. Recently, Marvin Olasky criticized Wallis for not admitting his political leanings, which if you’ve read God’s Politics or his many other publications you will quickly see are left of center. Olasky himself admitted that he is conservative, interprets in part through that lens, and thinks openness about such biases is helpful and honest. Knowing the general premises’ of a comment … [Read more...]

Is There a Better Way than Proposition 8?

In light of Proposition 8’s judicial overturning, our repost of Charles’ “Should We Feel Great About Proposition 8” was timely and thought-provoking. I do not intend the following to be a full-fledged articulation of my thinking but a beginning sketch for hopefully fuller realization.The debate over this vote and its aftermath continues to prove rancorous and uncivil in the highest degree. However, this should not surprise anyone. We live in a democratic time with numerous and easily accessi … [Read more...]

Man v. Cricket

The noise—that of buzzing and disturbed air—un-expectantly sounded by my ear. I was sitting on my couch, reading a book; this sound brought me out of my concentration and back into the non-literary world. I turned my head to see a rather large cricket crawling on the lamppost. A cricket! In the apartment! This invasive indignity could not go unpunished! I swiped at him with my shoe, only to find him quicker than my hand. Instead of being squashed, he deftly dodged my erratic blows and hid und … [Read more...]

"Inception" and the Danger of Imagination

Imagine a world where dreams can be invaded like a burglar intrudes into a home. Your thoughts, fears, and emotions lay exposed. Your innermost subconscious is raided by thieves seeking to steal your plans and ideas—for a price. If you can imagine such a place, then you have entered the world of the film “Inception.” Written and directed by Christopher Nolan (of Dark Knight and Memento fame), this film is some parts action thriller and others psychological exploration.Leonardo DiCaprio plays Co … [Read more...]

Long Live South Vietnam

This speech was too good to pass up. Did you know that North and South Vietnam are working side by side together to this day? All those lies I was told in high school American History! … [Read more...]

My Friend, the Atheist

In Leo Tolstoy’s novel, Anna Karenina, Levin and Vronsky share a deep but often tense friendship. They despise the likes, dislikes, and various life choices the other has made. Each has gone his own way regarding living conditions, social status, and worldview. Tolstoy describes the friendship as one only possible with friends from childhood.Reading this passage on the DC metro several summers ago, I immediately thought of my own old friendships. Several of them date back to before high s … [Read more...]


Unless you live under a sports rock, you've heard about the blown call that cost Armando Galarraga a perfect game. It would have been only the 21st perfect game in major league history and the first time ever that three perfect games were thrown in one season (two in one year has only happened twice, this year and 1880). Suffice to say, it is highly unlikely Galarraga will ever come close to a perfect game again.But also of note has been the reaction by Galarraga and the umpire who made the … [Read more...]