Jeffrey Overstreet reads the Oscar nominations and finds them wanting

On his Looking Closer blog, Overstreet laments over the Oscar nominations this year: "The Oscars have always been political, and have often overlooked great things. But this is beyond ridiculous."While I did not have the chance to see many of the top rated movies of the year, I agree with him that WALL-E and The Dark Knight should have been represented more. Anyone have a good theory of why Benjamin Button recieved 13 nominations? Looking Closer » Blog Archive » I give up. I’ll be skip … [Read more...]

Dear New York Post: Texting 14k+ messages is not news.

More alarming than this kid's texting habits, and her parents' response, is the premise that this is news worthy at all. … [Read more...]

Pentagon official says 9/11 suspect was tortured – Yahoo! News

Pentagon official says 9/11 suspect was tortured - Yahoo! News.In some ways this is old news, but to hear an official statement on the matter reminds me what an incredibly important issue this is. It also reminds me of a post David did a while back on the subject. … [Read more...]

Operation Rescue Decries Rick Warren's Role in Obama Inauguration as Unbiblical – Christian Newswire

Is it a sin to publicly pray for the presidency of a person who is pro-choice? Operation Rescue seems to think so: Instead of lending support to a man who clearly stands in opposition to God's Law on the critical matter of child-killing, we fervently urge Pastor Warren to instead follow the examples of godly men who, throughout the Scriptures, boldly proclaimed God's truth and exposed the sin of leaders in order to protect the people from that sin. Operation Rescue Decries Rick Warren's Role in … [Read more...]

Billboarding Our Way to Morality

My wife and I just finished visiting my family back in California. It took us over 25 hours each way to drive from our apartment in Texas to Southern California, which gave me plenty of time to listen to podcasts (including the last CAPC episode) and check out the scenery. As we drove through Palm Springs on the I-10, I noticed a series of billboards with a common theme. Apparently people in the Palm Springs area lack character and ambition, because along one short stretch of the I-10 there are … [Read more...]

What was Actually So Great About 2008

In January, I wrote about the culture events I most looked forward to in 2008. Some events turned out to be better than I expected, others much, much worse, and still others never even happened. Now that 2008 is coming to a close, I thought it would be a good time to look at my predictions and see which cultural events actually had an impact this year. TV My prediction: Star Wars the Clone WarsThe last film I saw in theaters this summer was perhaps the worst movie I have even seen (and, Lord … [Read more...]

RetroPost: Your Life in 12 Words or Less

In RetroPost, we feature a post from at least one year ago (ancient in pop culture time). The posts are featured because they have some relevance to current happenings, because they are timeless in nature and speak to a relevant issue, or because we plan on providing a follow-up in an upcoming post.This week: In light of the recent twitter firestorm, we thought we'd spotlight an article our co-founder and editor, Alan Noble, wrote about the potentially harmful affects our facebook profile can … [Read more...]

Proclaiming the Gospel, One Forum at a Time

A few weeks ago, while reading reviews on a book dealing with Christianity, I saw a link to a "Customer Discussion" forum with a title that read something like, "Why Catholics are idol worshipers." Against my better judgment, I visited the thread. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find the thread since then, but from what I can remember, the author of the original post had written a rather lengthy explanation of why Catholicism was a false religion, explaining that he had actually been a … [Read more...]

Heroes and Heroines

My wife and I got hooked on NBC's superhero drama Heroes after the first season was completed. Several friends of mine had recommended the show, and despite the fact that I've been burned many times by movie and TV show recommendations, I ordered the first season from Netflix. We both really enjoyed the first season: following the intertwining storylines, gleefully empathizing with characters as they discovered their powers, trying to anticipate who was behind everything, and the constant sense … [Read more...]

Loving Your Neighbor, Even When He Has Bad Taste

For Christians who consider themselves knowledgeable about the arts and culture, one of the most challenging conversation one can have begins when a friend praises - with that kind of sincerity that suggests the object of praise is tied up with the identity of the one praising it - some "work" of popular culture that is clearly bad. Your first reaction is to control your facial features to hide your shock and disapproval until you can decide a tactful way to correct your misguided friend. For a … [Read more...]