5 Ways to Avoid Pop Culture

If you haven't noticed, I haven't written anything for CAPC in a few weeks. The reason for my absence is that my wife and I just moved from our cozy (read: crammed) studio apartment in Southern California to a spacious town home in Waco, Texas so that we could pursue our doctorates at Baylor. Now that we actually have the room to organize our belongings (in CA just about everything had to be in the "living room/bedroom" or in storage) and since we both are going to have less time to indulge in … [Read more...]

The End of Credit Card Consumerism – US News and World Report

"there is an anti-bling thing going on," says Marian Salzman, chief marketing officer of Porter Novelli.The End of Credit Card Consumerism - US News and World Report. … [Read more...]

Thomas Hibbs Analyzes The Dark Knight

Thomas Hibbs, Distinguished Professor of Ethics and dean of the honors college at Baylor University, analyzes The Dark Knight as film noir. HT: Overstreet. … [Read more...]

The Dark, Dark Knight

Jonathan Dodson explores the philosophical dimensions of The Dark Knight. … [Read more...]

Challies reviews Fireproof

Tim Challies reviewed Fireproof, the new film from the people who made Facing the Giants, and liked it quite a bit. I have my doubts. … [Read more...]

E3 Dialogue – MadWorld

E3 has brought about the announcement of many new games. One of the standout games of the event was Sega's MadWorld for the Wii. Created for a console that is known for reaching causal gamers and families, MadWorld is an ultra-violent brawler where the player mercilessly kills other characters in order to win a game show. The following is a special CAPC Dialogue on MadWorld.Rich: "Should [MadWorld] really be the sort of thing that is universally embraced by hardcore gamers everywhere?"I … [Read more...]

Netflix on your Xbox 360: New ways to watch

This morning at Microsoft's E3 Press Event they announced a new partnership with Netflix to bring their streaming movies and TV shows to your TV via an Xbox 360. Essentially, if you have a Xbox Live Gold Membership and a Netflix membership you can access Netflix's Watch Instantly library through your 360, with no extra charges. In addition, Microsoft announced Mii-like Avatars which will be used on Live. With an Avatar and a Netflix account, you can invite other Live members to watch a movie … [Read more...]

What's the difference between an Ape and a Human?

The New York Times reports on Spain's vote to give Great Apes limited rights. … [Read more...]

Does Jesus love your moshing?

David Steel explores whether or not one can mosh for Jesus. Conclusion: not so much. HT: New City Press. … [Read more...]

CGI Storytelling: Why WALL-E Works and Kung Fu Panda Doesn't

One of the most dangerous phrases for Christians who are striving to think biblically about culture is, "it's just a _______." The trump card against all criticism, this phrase is used to justify a creation by simply appealing to its existence: it's just a song, it's just a book, it's just a sitcom, it's just a cartoon, as if somehow any demand for excellence is inappropriate (or elitist) when it comes to pop culture. The practical result of "just a" thinking is that we can justify any … [Read more...]