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RetroPost: The Faith of Barack Obama

Editor’s Note: RetroPost is a weekly repost of an older Christ and Pop Culture that has some relevance to current pop culture events or releases.This Week: With a recent poll indicating that people are still unsure of our president's religious affiliation, Barack Obama's faith is yet again front and center. Two years ago, before Obama was president, Bill Reichart wrote about the idiosyncrasies of Obama's religious background and beliefs.We are coming to the end of the Democratic National C … [Read more...]

Now it's the Mom's Turn!

You would have to be living in a hole to be unaware of the antics of Britney Spears or the public scrutiny surrounding her sister Jamie Lynn's pregnancy. But behind these two girls is a mother who you may not know much about. Now Lynne Spears sounds off in her new book, "Through the Storm", just published by Thomas Nelson.A lot of controversy surrounded this book even before it was released. Many billed this book as a parenting book and didn't understand why a Christian imprint, Thomas Nelson, … [Read more...]

Get your Geek on!

Check out the newly revealed photos from the yet to be released next Star Trek movie. … [Read more...]

Prince of Peace – God of War

How did the command to “Love Your Enemies” get so complicated?  Download “Prince of Peace - God of War” For Free … [Read more...]

National Day of Prayer going to court

From the AP - The largest group of atheists and agnostics in the United States is suing President George W. Bush, the governor of Wisconsin and other officials over a federal law designating a National Day of Prayer.The Freedom From Religion Foundation sued Friday in U.S. district court, arguing that the president’s mandated proclamations calling on Americans to pray violates a constitutional ban on government officials endorsing religion.The day of prayer, held each year on the first T … [Read more...]

From Rocker to Minister

Carlos Santana is on tour and has an album coming out, but in an interview with Rolling Stone posted online on Friday the rocker said he sees himself one day heading up a church in Hawaii.  The 61-year-old rocker described in the interview how his faith has helped him get through low points in his life, and that he would like to start a church in Maui, Hawaii.  (Read full article HERE) … [Read more...]

Fallen Angels

Sometimes I go to Blockbuster and am pleasantly surprised by a movie I know nothing about.  The other day I had that experience as I rented and watched the movie Snow Angels.  Snow Angels is a movie based on the book by Stewart O'Nan. The movie features Sam Rockwell, Kate Beckinsale, and Michael Angarano. Rockwell and Beckinsale portray a recently separated couple, Glen and Annie, who were high school sweethearts. While, Angarano plays a teenager, Arthur, who used to be baby-sat by Annie.Snow A … [Read more...]

From Showgirls to Jesus

Conversion for Hollywood screenwriter Joe Eszterhas happened while sitting on a curb crying. And not just crying but also, to his shock, praying about his alcohol and nicotine addictions and his newly diagnosed throat cancer.“And suddenly,” he writes in his compelling new book, Crossbearer: A Memoir of Faith (St. Martin’s Press; 2008), “my heart stilled. My nerve endings stopped torturing me. I stopped trembling and twitching. … Something happened to me on that hellish muggy day … I was saved.” … [Read more...]

When Pop Music Ruled A Decade

Very small array blog has really neat charts visualizing the genres of music that dominate the top record charts over the years. … [Read more...]

New Billy Graham movie divides family

The Graham kids disagree on their support of the new bio-pic of their father, Billy Graham. … [Read more...]