Politics and Religion, and Unholy Alliance?

How should religious leaders respond to members who through their public office promote laws that contradict doctrine and justify acts the church deems intrinsically evil? … [Read more...]

Hollywood Conservatives

"About as common per capita as vegans in Texas, Republicans in Hollywood are having a coming-out party of sorts in Zucker's new movie, An American Carol."  Read the rest of the article in Time.com … [Read more...]

View Politics through the Lens of Faith

The bishops of New York State have issued a document calling upon Catholics to "exercise our cherished right and our solemn duty as Americans and as Catholics" to vote to support pro-life and pro-family values. "We Catholics are called to look at politics as we are called to look at everything - through the lens of our faith," wrote the bishops on Wednesday.  "We should be guided in evaluating the important issues facing our state and nation by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the teachings of His … [Read more...]

Should Christians Go See Movies?

John Frame, seminary professor and theologian,  answers the question, “Should Christians go to movies?” He writes: Some Christians may wonder how a fellow believer can give any support to the film industry, notorious as it is for anti-Christian bias and moral relativism. I would note that there is also a view on the opposite extreme: some Christian critics of culture insist that all Christians have a responsibility to become culturally aware, to become knowledgeable about cultural trends in art, … [Read more...]

How Hulu Changed My Life

The season and series premieres for the Fall Television season have begun, and so far I have watched all of my favorite shows.  But I've done so without having watched one hour of "television".  How is that possible?  Hulu. Hulu.com is a free online site that allows you to stream television shows and movies.  My friends who have DVR tell me that it has changed their life.  Their DVR lets them record and save their favorite show for viewing when it is most convenient for them.  I am too cheap to g … [Read more...]

Are Christians Too Political?

David Kinnaman, author of UnChristian, asks the question, are Christians too political? … [Read more...]

The top 40 books on Christ and Culture

Browse Tullian Tchividjian's Top 40 books on Christ and Culture.  Any books you would add or subtract to that list? … [Read more...]

Tracking "Faith" in the 2008 Election

Check out the Faith 2008 Database which tracks religious rhetoric in the campaign by candidate and theme, and features historical and international comparisons. … [Read more...]

How should we respond to Ray Boltz?

This week, Ray Boltz, went public about being gay. Boltz, a CCM recording artist, is best known for his hit single, "Thank you".  Boltz, never went public until now stating on his website, if people “knew who I really was, I would never be accepted."How should the church and the CCM community respond to Boltz?  Should this revelation make any difference for the church in being able to enjoy his body of Christian music? … [Read more...]

Have a bi-partisan laugh

Go ahead and have a bi-partisan laugh (or a wince) with the funniest moments on the campaign trail. … [Read more...]