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How Having Children Changed Us

We asked various contributors to Christ and Pop Culture to respond to the question: "How has having children changed the way you interact with and think about popular culture?" Here are six varied responses to that question. Please share your own response in the comments. (Originally published August 2011)"Parenting Collaboration Business" by Erin Newcomb, writer: Nearly everything toddler-accessible in my kitchen is child-friendly; that’s the strategy I’ve used throughout my home, and it’s one … [Read more...]

Honoring the Difference Our Moms Made

For many of us, a faithful lineage of women has been the source of strength for our families. This Mother’s Day, Christ and Pop Culture honors these women by lending our voices to help girls in India who have been robbed of this vital support system. We are partnering with As Our Own, an organization that rescues girls in danger of exploitation and slavery. As Our Own promises to parent these girls as their very own daughters—for the rest of their lives. Celebrate the amazing women in your life t … [Read more...]

Christ and Pop Culture's Best Features of 2011

This year, rather than feature our most popular features of 2011 (which we will unveil later, in a smaller post), we thought we'd draw your attention to the posts our writers dubbed the "best". We had our writers vote for favorite posts, based not on whether they were interested in the subject matter, or whether it seemed particularly popular, but based on the thoughtfulness and insight found within.  10. Repent, for the Stupocalypse is Nigh! By Carissa Smith, March 24th, 2011In this a … [Read more...]

Our Favorite Albums of 2011

Far from an objective declaration of the best music out there, the following is a list that we have compiled of our favorite albums of the past year. We like them because they make us feel good, because we relate to them in some strong personal way, or because, yes, we can’t ignore their pure objective beauty. In some cases, as with our number one album, it may be all of the above. In any case, we like these albums, and we present them to you as humble examples of God’s common grace in the form o … [Read more...]

Our Favorite Television Shows of 2011

The Christ and Pop Culture writers rank their top-10 TV shows of 2011. Has TV ever been this good?10. White Collar "White Collar" is the sort of guilty pleasure that I feel no guilt whatsoever for enjoying. "White Collar" follows the exploits of skilled con-man Neal Caffrey, who enters into an unlikely partnership with straight-laced FBI agent Peter Burke and uses his talents to bring down white collar criminals. It's fluff in many ways, but it's incredibly enjoyable and well-made fluff, with p … [Read more...]

Our Ten Favorite Video Games of 2011

Six platforms, ten (plus two) games, three game journalists, and twenty-eleven years. Richard Clark, Drew Dixon, and Luke Larsen rank their favorite games of 2011. 10. Forget-Me-Not (iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC) How many times have you pulled your favorite childhood game out of storage, only to find that it pales in comparison to the game that was lodged in your memory? Games have come a long way, making what we consider to be classic games often seem surprisingly dull or frustrating as a result. … [Read more...]

Mommy, Daddy, Who is Santa Claus?

The Christian's relationship to Santa in America is varied. Some see Santa as a fun trick to play on your children while they are young enough to believe it. Others feel that Santa distracts children from learning about the incarnation of Christ. Some go further, claiming that Santa is a tool of the devil to distract people from focusing on Jesus. Still others view Santa as the embodiment of the Christmas spirit--he is jolly, generous, and loves children. Given the myriad of movies, television … [Read more...]

The CaPC Superlatives: Noteworthy Achievements in Film and Memes

As our year-end Best in 2011 Pop Culture listings take shape, we’ve found some odd, off-the-wall nominees for a quirky Honorable Mention category. We’ll give you a few each Wednesday to tide you over until the Best Of lists are revealed. _______________________ Best Family Movie of the Year: The Muppets — Erin NewcombWhen Erin Straza approached me about nominating the best family film, I knew my criteria right away: The movie had to be intelligent for adults, musical to engage children of all a … [Read more...]

The CaPC Superlatives: Noteworthy Achievements in Concerts, Games, and Music

As our year-end Best in 2011 Pop Culture listings take shape, we’ve found some odd, off-the-wall nominees for a quirky Honorable Mention category. We’ll give you a few each Wednesday to tide you over until the Best Of lists are revealed. _______________________ Best Rawk Show: The Bazan Band, New Brookland Tavern, West Columbia, SC — Jonathan SircyDavid Bazan runs a tight ship, something that’s probably even more true now that he has ditched the Pedro the Lion moniker. The last four times I’ve … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: Motown Nickelback, Serious Ninja Movies, and Skyrim

Every week, our writers will be sharing some of their favorite finds from around the internet. Check back every week for great articles, insane news items, and interesting diversions.Brad If this story is actually true, this may be the luckiest, craziest thing I have ever read. A few evangelicals offer differing perspectives on the “most important voting issue.” Nickelback does MoTown. All this video needs is more tambourine. Best Review of a Game Review...EVER!! Go! You go now and look at it! … [Read more...]