Podcast #106: The Year in Review – Videogames

#106: The Year in Review - VideogamesIn the first in a series of podcasts looking back on the year that was, editor Drew Dixon, editor-in-chief Richard Clark, and writer Luke Larsen discuss the past year in videogames. It was a year of biblical and spiritual themes, a year of greatness and disappointments. More than anything, it was a year that had videogames in it.Every week, various Christ and Pop Culture writers delve deeper into recent articles and address some of the bigger issues in … [Read more...]

Elswhere: Videogames, Virtual Schools, Klosterman, and Gay Penguins

Every week, our writers will be sharing some of their favorite finds from around the internet. Check back every week for great articles, insane news items, and interesting diversions.DrewI wrote on how Batman is a Christ-figure in Batman: Arkham City for Think Christian.Britton Peele shares a brief history of Christian videogame interpretation as well as a defense of how he can be a Christian and play Grand Theft Auto IV.Matthew Lee Anderson gives a helpful summary of the Mohler/Wallis … [Read more...]

The CaPC Superlatives: Noteworthy Achievements in Film, Music, Advertising, and Games

As our year-end Best in 2011 Pop Culture listings take shape, we’ve found some odd, off-the-wall nominees for a quirky Honorable Mention category. We’ll give you a few each Wednesday to tide you over until the Best Of lists are revealed. _______________________ Best Use of 3D in a Film: Cave of Forgotten Dreams — Richard Clark 3D film and a documentary about a cave: It's pretty difficult to defend the existence of either of these things, but seeing is believing in this lone case. Werner Herzog, t … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: Scandals, Acting, Politics, and Infographics

Jason Is the ability to “hate well” necessary to be a good judge of style and aesthetics?Albert Mohler describes how the Penn State scandal and Joe Paterno’s firing “must shake the entire nation into a new moral awareness.”Mexico’s infamous drug cartels have killed yet another person for criticizing them in social media.Here’s a list of the world’s eight worst fonts (and no, Comic Sans isn’t among them).Google+ is doomed, doomed I tell you.Brad Here’s a good breakdown of Five Things we … [Read more...]

Podcast #104: MacArthur's "Encouragement" for the Young, Restless, and Reformed

Podcast #104: MacArthur's "Encouragement"John MacArthur has recently been giving advice to the "Young, Restless, and Reformed" (YRR) a growing group of Calvinistic young people who currently make up a large percentage of America's evangelicals. Contributor Brad Williams and editor Drew Dixon take a closer look at a recent video in which MacArthur attempts to list "three clear concerns" about the YRR movement. Brad and Drew try to get to the bottom of who this group actually is and discuss M … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: Walking Dead Theology, Anonymous vs Los Zetas, and Bieber Baby

Drew John MacArthur is “encouraging” the Young Restless and Reformed again.Matthew Lee Anderson has written a helpful summary of the Mohler/Wallis debateon social justice and the mission of the church.Our very own Rich Clark wrote a fascinating review of Battlefield 3 that has me rethinking some of my frustrations with war games.Gus Mastrapa shares a list of things that he ate in Skyrim--the fact that I found this article compelling is either due to Mastrapa being a compelling writer or a si … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: The Fashion of OWS, Social Justice, Halloween, Sex Ed, and Traffic

Every week, our writers will be sharing some of their favorite finds from around the internet. Check back every week for great articles, insane news items, and interesting diversions.DrewRelevant published two rather different but interesting articles on Occupy Wall Streetrecently. One by Brett McCracken and another by Sarah Bessey.The Fashion of Occupy Wall Street.Albert Mohler and Jim Wallis debated last night on whether social justice is the mission of the church. If the debate is not … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: Balking Dawkins, the "Age" of Instagram, Grand Grantland, and the Music of 1991

Rich What do Military Shooters Leave Out?Here’s a thoughtful piece on the rising star of Lana Del Rey.We’re all adults here, right? Batman: Arkham City’s Weird “Bitch” FixationDoes playing Wolfenstein 3D provide catharsis for young Israelis?Really looking forward to having an iPhone 4S in my hands so I can try some of this stuff.Grantland in print: this is going to be awesome.Alan Richard Dawkins is all, “Ha, I ain’t debatin’ with you, ‘William’ Lane Craig, fool” (not a direct quote). … [Read more...]

The CaPC Podcast #101: Followers of Steve, the Cult of Apple

Podcast #101: Followers of Steve, the Cult of AppleWith the death of Steve Jobs, Christians find themselves asking "Whyyyy???!!!" then "Why do I care so much?" then "Well why wouldn't I care so much, he's kind of a big deal?" then "Well isn't everyone kind of a big deal in their own way?" and so on until it coalesces into a communal shame spiral that plays out on Twitter, Facebook, and around water coolers (they still make those, right?). This week, editor-in-chief Richard Clark and associate … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: Jobs, SCIENCE, Wallstreet, and a Missing Bridge

Jason Andy Crouch on the secular gospel of Steve Jobs. And while it’s only been a week since Jobs’ death, and the elegies and remembrances are still rolling in, some have begun looking at the darker side of Steve Jobs’ legacy.Why do we trust the judgment of natural scientists (e.g., physicists) more than the judgment of social scientists (e.g., economists)?Alex Knapp on the “unnecessary conflict between evangelicalism and science”.Does technology make it too easy to make beautiful-looking m … [Read more...]